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  1. I have never seen a vocomm have a fault on a 490X panel. Has it ever worked since install and did the engineer do checks on the panel and phone socket side?
  2. The op is talking about the gardtec 600.
  3. Its 20 years old so I would replace. it sounds as it has defaulted itself.
  4. Orisec or Risco I Wise for detection and Elmedene for contacts.
  5. You can replace with any panel but the 600 has the same setting procedure as the old gardtec. It also has a built in dialler. With the bell up here its all pyronix backlight.
  6. System will be fine powered up to change the contact.
  7. You will need the engineer code to do this. If you go into prog zones. attributes, Part 1 and enter zone no to be excluded. If the panel is not locked then by defaulting it should return to factory settings.
  8. Can you post a pic of the keypad and alarm box? I think your system will be the Eurosec CPX withe the wireless receiver as the CP8L is not compatible with Risco wireless devices. From reading your post it looks like there are wireless devices that need the battery changing. Do you have 2 types of PIRs or door contacts in the property? Without the user code (5678 default) there is not much you can do as I would advise you to look through the log to see what has happened. The panel can be defaulted to the 5678 code but if the engineer code is locked then there is not much you can do as this will not default the engineer code and if the panel is on engineer tamper reset you will need the code. I would google on how to reset the user codes to start with, change the panel battery, wireless devices batteries and see how it goes.
  9. You can plug the alarm on a grade 2 system.
  10. What system do you have in your garage?
  11. Paul, I don't have the serial number as the DVR was thrown out when replaced. We could about this for a long time but maybe warn installers this before buying the resetting software please. A 10min job lasted an hour plus I travelled 40mins to site and all for nothing.
  12. As explained to various people at System Q the unit was empty for 6 months when my customer took over and the system was running as security for the owners unit. All I wanted to do was set the unit up for remote viewing on his phone. I bought the reset software thinking it was going to be a 10 min job then all the nonsense regarding who owned the DVR came up. I have an account with System Q and have been buying your equipment for years. I explained the reason to my customer who was baffled by the situation. His words "replace the DVR then but not with the same incase there is any hassle". So another make of DVR was installed as per customer request. Anyway a lesson learned and if I come across anymore system Q DVR's to take over ill make sure and ask do they have a receipt of ownership for the DVR.
  13. You will need a proof of purchase receipt of the equipment David. Thats what I was told and I had already purchased the reset software but they would not give me the code. I asked the owner and of course he only had a receipt for the unit he was renting and not the equipment that was left in it from the previous company that went bust. Ended up having to purchase another DVR.
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