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  1. You need to enter eng code then user code.... scroll to Zones....enter 50 Yes and work your to disable wireless zones etc.
  2. Like all risco tat over time issues like this appear for no reason at all.I had this and had to replace them. Had this issue with a wireless door contact last week randomly tampering and replaced it. It is only in contacts that has been the tamper issue over time.
  3. Looks like the left hand side blue terminals have been screwed down so maybe from there.
  4. But remember we are alarm engineers and that is basic diagrams to us.
  5. Tbh I have just applied for trade side and although been on here for the past 15 years just saw you need to make 5 posts lol. Anyway installed Risco for 18 years through my apprenticeship and the 350 to 800 panels were good hardwired kit. The 595/600/601 kit were decent then Agility/ lightsys brought out.... don’t get me wrong they are decent panels but why make it so complicated for the users to use? plus the engineer programme is nonesense! So the pyronix rep came round and I liked the enforcer. Have quite a few installed and it’s a decent panel only for call outs to t
  6. I have been a Risco installer until the past year where we moved to Orisec. just to see if any installers have moved and why to another panel?
  7. There are a lot off installers that install Risco and I used to until I switched to Orisec and use some Texecom. The Agility 4 is a good panel but it has to be set up correctly. I am not saying that the company will not do this but I have been called out to Agility and Lightsys systems where a few adjustments in programming etc have made a difference. Their door contacts/shock sensors are to big which look ugly on doors/windows.
  8. I have never seen a vocomm have a fault on a 490X panel. Has it ever worked since install and did the engineer do checks on the panel and phone socket side?
  9. The op is talking about the gardtec 600.
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