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  1. I agree with your comment but small doesn't always mean inferior as I am sure there are plenty of smaller companies that predominantly do subcontract works, which is basically what we need, rather than a company that we may compete against. Or do I have the wrong end of the stick and you mean ourselves?
  2. Hi We are a small company involved with installing various types of commercial security systems (CCTV, Access Control, etc), but have secured a project involving two gate automation's and are looking for a small partner to work with us on this and future projects of this type in the Greater Manchester area. I say small as we still want to front the installation and avoid logoed vans, etc. Please PM me if you are interested in this and possibly other types of security installations for projects that we are currently securing. PS. I hope I have posted in the c
  3. I think you will struggle with this type of cable and I am sure its against standards to have bundled data cable, probably due to alien crosstalk as the cables will be in the exact same position throughout the run. It was in abundance a few years ago but not seen it used in along time. At best you may get a shotgun type cable. For that distance I would definitely be looking at a fibre link and would be surprised if it didn't work out cheaper due to capacity, plus no issues with distance or interference from power. Have a look in to pre-term fibre if you don't do it in house. H
  4. We use HIK regularly and Chrome is a pain in the ASS. To the point I was trying to trouble shoot the DDNS and couldn't figure out why it hadn't taken. Switched to FF for config now and all is good. Had issues with Chrome for a while now on other sites, which is a shame as I fond it so convenient to use with synchronised info to the android phone and tablet.
  5. Hi Skywalker Are you recruitment or an installer?
  6. We have used CHAS/Equity and General insurance brokers for the last three years and each year we start shopping around at least 3 weeks before. But these buys are always lower. Our main works is data cabling with security accounting for around 25%, but only in commercial installs as we don't touch residential, unless its an apartment block or student accommodation. We have the same issue of trying new brokers and them wanting to know what colour socks we wear. That's why we try to get them down to our best quote! We have 10M employers, 5M public and product, no indemnity as we only de
  7. Same as ACDC, I have only really used the IP range and as such the NVR's but it is great kit for the cost If its a new install (i.e. no existing cameras) I would definitely go down the IP route rather than analogue, being the newer technology. I know there is a price difference between them but for the actual cost its a good investment. You even get PoE ports on some of the NVR's which really simplifies the install by just needing a cat5 or 6 cable and no power, depending on distances. But that's just my take
  8. I did some training on Mobotix a few years ago and I think there is no doubt that its really good kit, but my feeling back then was that is was a semi-niche product due to costs and way it was built. Not sure whether this has changed much but most of the case studies they highlighted was the likes of docks and large open areas, i.e. extreme conditions and where you don't want to be replacing cameras after a few years. I have always liked the products as it was probably my first real experience of IP cameras and the system seemed straight forward. I love the two lenses in one camera but not r
  9. Hi Everyone I work for a communications installer but we are expanding in to security so thought this site may be a good place for knowledge. Our core business is data, fibre and wireless communications through out the UK. We have started installing CCTV, access control and more recently fire detection systems. We predominantly use self employed/subcontractors so moving in to this as a new area should be interesting whilst we find our feet! Based on the initial 20 or so jobs we have tendered for, we are sticking mainly to IP based systems as we have the networking knowledge already,
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