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  1. At the time of writing that I had less than 5 , but now I have more
  2. Ok cool , will have a look in to it thanks
  3. I've done a few paid adverts with Facebook I find the great thing regarding this is you can customise how far you want the advert to go I.e ,miles from your business locatation , I've had a lot of customers messaging for prices and asking for visits and a few jobs from it , which is great I find, I've never tried Twitter, might look in to that one, the other thing I think is good with Facebook is the review section , allows my previous customers to share there opinions about your service , I have just started my company up on Google aswell so hopefully I'll come up for searches , I'm struggling to understand how to get your name to show up more when there is a search done through Google, any tips on that one ?
  4. So with social media being a big thing these days, how many of you use it for advertisement , aswell as having a website and a Facebook page I find a lot of business interest starts from Facebook , I don't have my van wrapped yet so I find a lot of work comes from either recommendations , Facebook adverts or my website , how do you promote your business and services
  5. Not yet hoping to be in there very soon , but with me not having a minimum of 5 posts I can't request to join yet
  6. AC security

    Amazon echo

    So has anybody else got a Amazon echo ? I've got a echo dot , along with Philips hue bulbs and a Logitech harmony hub , I think this is just the start to home automation as there is thousands of things you can do with it . Would be interested to hear if anyone else has one and what they do with there's .
  7. Hi all, new to the forum, based in southport been fitting cctv for around 4 years , started doing alarms last year anthony
  8. I've always used hikvision , the hdtvi dvrs are really good , like a few people mentioned a few of the newer new come without a bnc output, the latest installation I did was the 3 megapixel range DS-7204HUHI-F1/N, this did have a bnc output, the latest firmware they use gives the option of pattern unluck or password, which is easier for the end user in my eyes if they need to access the dvr.
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