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  1. Engcode1745

    GT490X fault - no repair apparently possible

    By what you are saying it's nonsense. You can still get the same sort of panel to replace it with vo com built in
  2. Engcode1745

    Pyronix app

    I know a few who would help you with that
  3. Engcode1745

    Pyronix app

  4. Engcode1745

    Pyronix app

  5. Engcode1745

    Pyronix app

    Never have
  6. Engcode1745

    Pyronix app

    Any one having issues with pyronix home control app ?
  7. Engcode1745

    Pyronix Enforcer comms issue

    I have this a lot on them panels. I think it's just down to the panel dropping connection but it always seems to work ok via the app and remote connection
  8. Engcode1745


    Hi mate
  9. Engcode1745

    Greetings from County Durham

    Hi mate what would you like to know
  10. Engcode1745

    Engineer Required

    Hi guys. Does any one know any self employed security engineers looking for work in the West Yorkshire area ?
  11. Engcode1745

    Ssaib Company Not Registered Displaying Logos

    http://www.fmb.org.uk/check-a-member/default.aspx TRUSTMARK approved for the installation of security/alarm systems
  12. http://www.fmb.org.uk/check-a-member/default.aspx Trustmark approved for security alarm systems
  13. Engcode1745

    Ssaib Company Not Registered Displaying Logos

    Good bye Jim take care and hopefully meet up soon mate.
  14. Engcode1745

    Ssaib Company Not Registered Displaying Logos

    As far as I can tell by the messages on this geek machine I'd say the last laugh is on sparky!!!

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