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  1. Hi  

    I have a problem with the  fike  Duonet  fire alarm system. The main backup battery is broken and does not work after changing the login codes.
    Please guide me to transfer the information to the panel

  2. The content of the delightful Rebecca's emails are available to anyone who wishes to see the true colours of this vile, abusive, one woman band. As always everyone can use who they wish, but I certainly wouldn't be recommending this individual to promote my businesses to anyone and the fact she claims "AREC" association, which she clearly doesn't have (check their register, and again REC have emailed to confirm this non association). Her unsupported claims of having "made a small fortune" also make for interesting viewing on companycheck.co.uk , clearly the wealthiest woman in Poundland by a mile. Threats from this individual of how she will "ruin my business, but better" to quote from her email I think just about says it all ladies and gentlemen. Another one for the wall of shame #SecurityFireRecruitment
  3. Initial thoughts reading this was Paxton but you could be opening a can of worms. What if little Johnny reads in but doesn't read out and legs it? ..... Think you're going to need some asprin Initial thoughts reading this was Paxton but you could be opening a can of worms. What if little Johnny reads in but doesn't read out and legs it? ..... Think you're going to need some asprin
  4. Not in an a/c but I was only saying this morning I did a service on Friday, every time I go there's white underwear of a larger lady on the radiator in the hallway by the panel, it's there every time I have cause to go there! The husband is one of those who stands over your shoulder and it's always the elephant in the room, very awkward!! Do these people not think to hide their 'larges' when the alarm man arrives? Note I choose my words carefully!!
  5. Fitted one years ago and in fairness wasn't that bad, never had any issues with it. I'm fairly confident you can lock the code in though. Somewhere I've the programming little card from 13yrs ago. I'll raise your balloon one penny sweet.
  6. You want to look for an ADE Accenta manual ol, It's either got no nvm or it's defaulted, power it up mains only and try the old code, if not then the default code which you'll find within the manual, if it's working on the default code you'll need to reprogram it.... and in any circumstances replace the battery. Check the top rhs of the pcb for a large resistor which may be burnt out due to neglected battery, if it's not happy days, if it is you'll be looking at a new panel, an Accenta G3.
  7. Haha I'll see if I can pm you now you've got a posts, if you know what zone numbers you want to program off it's fairly straightforward, pm you
  8. I was about to tell you how to program the part-set... but the alarm monkey bit made me decide otherwise Good luck reading the manual, reading lessons might help it become less 'problematic'. Monkey
  9. Out of fobs until Wednesday, if they have a manager code and it'd wait until then... failing that Gaz might raise his head if he's still around the forum....
  10. Hi Joanna, is there a door contact on the front door, or has there been a new door fitted recently? Might seem an odd question. Zone 1 light is on because whatever it is shows open, could be a door, detector, whatever is on zone 1, tamper is a global circuit on these systems so could be any detector lid nor closed property, cable fault, panel lid not on properly, or hoping someone has had a door changed which would explain both zone 1 lit and the tamper if the contact has been removed...... Let us know, did you manage to download the manuals
  11. They could just keep the same service centre number. I don't mind it too much, afterall it's peanuts!
  12. £12 per year to keep it any changes in the sms service updated isn't bad, I just knock it off the cost of the annual service and everyone is happy. Tbh the text prices seem a little steep but then it's a great incentive for reduced user error in fa's and they're always mindful not to have any. Compared to the big 3 it's a nice system at a fraction of their price and most people prefer it to a speech dialler nowadays, it's only like sending a pay as you go text really cost wise. Number shouldn't be premium rate though really....... For the update of the sms server.
  13. If you enter engineer menu with this, scroll through to codes, turn them off and keep pressing menu until you're out, press and hold menu to go back in and then turn codes back on for your own. No need to upgrade anything, about 250 odd out there. Hopefully you've got the code but if it's not working or you're having fun pm me and I'll sort it.
  14. Hi Paul, if you apply for trade status on the site if your trade then we will be able to help, because this post is in the public side of the site we can't give out defaulting information as it breaks the sites rules regarding information.
  15. LOL, it was the same house I fell off the wall at.... bloody unluck job this ones turning out to be!!!
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