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  1. LeadAcid

    Gardtec 800 816 Installation Manual

    I also found the manual using Google before posting here but when downloaded, the left hand edge of every page was missing which isn't noticeable in the thumbnails.
  2. LeadAcid

    Gardtec 800 816 Installation Manual

    I offered to travel all the way to Blackpool (90 miles) and meet one of the TRADE members on here to unlock some Gardtec motherboards for him (locked in engineers code). But he didn't want that, he just wanted me to tell him how to do it, which I wasn't happy with as I didn't know how legit he was. But I was prepared to do this for him FREE OF CHARGE. If that's not going out of your way to help someone then I give in!
  3. LeadAcid

    Gardtec 800 816 Installation Manual

    That's poor. I have had loads of installation manuals for the 816 over the years and the only one I have now is well tatty. Wanted to print one out for an 816 panel I'm selling. Since joining this forum I have offered to go out of my way to help others but have received no help in return.
  4. As above, has anyone got the installation manual on .pdf? Cheers.
  5. LeadAcid

    Gardtec 816 engineer code locked

    Possibly, though I'm not an installer by trade and have never seen a 595 panel. I can't imagine the theory is much different across the range.
  6. LeadAcid

    Gardtec 816 engineer code locked

    Once I get my teeth into something like this, I don't like to let it beat me LOL! Besides, I'm quite a fan of the 816, used them ever since they were regarded as good ;-)
  7. LeadAcid

    Gardtec 816 engineer code locked

    Just an update to this post. After much research and learning, a cheap hardware purchase and many hours watching tutorial videos on YouTube I have now unlocked the engineer code on this panel. I'm very surprised, when you know how, how easy it actually is. Thank you to the one (un-named, but you know who you are) person on here who offered their help.
  8. I'm now on my third Gardtec 816 system in my last three houses. I know my way around them well. All bought and fitted by myself, the latest purchased over the counter from Gardtec (Leeds) in 2003. I know they're obsolete now but its still a good enough system for me. I'm using 24 zone EOL with 3x LCD Contour Ace RKP and 4x PIR. The LCD screen on one of the Ace RKP's recently became difficult to read (contrast?) so I decided to replace and soon found that getting spares is an issue. I managed to get a later G-Tag contour RKP brand new from eBay and that's now fitted. While I was shopping I found an 816 v4.1 motherboard (same as mine) for £16 so I've bought it just in case I need to swap mine out in future due to failure rather than replace the whole lot. The seller told me the engineering code was locked but I know some of you guys can easily unlock them. It seems to work perfectly apart from the locked engineers code. I've done all the master boot-up resets mentioned in the installer manual including the "Reset LK1". Can you help me? If you want to speak in person to verify who I am etc, I've no problem with that, just PM me. Cheers, Steve.

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