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  1. So it was a win-win situation for you there Peter, you got a decent subby who got his daily rate and did the job undertime and you made 2 days on it, and at a premium rate. Which freed you lads to concentrate on thier jobs be it service, maintenance etc. Not all subbys start at 9 and finish at 5 on the dot, it's about finding the right subby that works for your company, and WORKS for your company if you understand what I mean! My wardrobe is full of different company polo shirts, and whatever day or shirt I always promote that company as best I can.
  2. Think you have to assess the risk at the time of install or better still at the quotation stage, if the biggest ape on site is a few inches clear of a mag then I'd prefer to re quote on a safer locking device, even if its more expensive, than risk a possible public liability claim in the future.
  3. Currently using the Makita DHR243 18v sds for the drilling through walls and fixings etc. So far no problems.
  4. If you have turned off your wifi on your phone and are using 4g then you wont be connected to your local network, you will need your external IP. Do a google search using a pc or laptop connected to your network and google whatsmyip.org, thats the IP you need to put in the app to connect remotely.
  5. You could save yourself money by pulling the cable really tight and putting a knot in it, that should hold the bell close to the wall but don't forget to tape up the rear tamper just in case it flaps about in the wind. You could then use your double sided tape and silicone for CCTV cameras if you decide to fit them. :banghead:
  6. Just been looking at a 24 port midspan unit, 36w per channel for a £1000 ish. An unexpected bill and a service engineers nightmare.
  7. It appears the splitter that comes with the poe unit has a 12vdc output to power both the acu and a locking device, rated @ 1.5A I think
  8. And 682-284 Net2 plus 1 door controller - PoE+, Plastic cabinet
  9. Im not disagreeing with you Cubit at all mate, but im thinking that if the 'sparky co' are going cheap they wont go for a POE acu. No one is correct until mcelec has a pop down to site and sees whats installed, and when he does he will wonder why he was so worried
  10. As mentioned in post 12, check that mains has been installed at each door location, if it has then that rules out the need for a net2 poe ACU, if there is then the units are Net2+ then patch the network port from the ACU to the supplied point by the data co, program and enjoy!
  11. They do, do a POE version but, i'm guessing that the sparky co have installed mains to each location, if you can find that info out then thats half the battle, and as Arf said 'just dont panic'
  12. Personally if you are using the customers network as supplied by the data co then its down to them to patch and route all of the door controllers, if you are or your client have run your 'own' network for the access control then yes you will have to switch and route yourself but from what you said in your original post your on the customers network.
  13. As long as you have a network point and 230v at each door location you wont have a problem, if as you say the data co have installed the points then just get them to patch through, then just install the software and program.
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