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  1. Using the procedure I wrote in my last post, I finally got it to work on 4G and wifi. I was able to use just one rule for both the 80 and 7050 port. Thanks for all your help. I would never have got it sorted out by myself.
  2. This is the first time I've done this so, let me go through the suggested procedure. 1. change the CCTV dvr to DHCP. 2. on the BT homehub, in the port forward section set two separate rules/applications for port 80 and 7050, both as TCP. 3. Assign both rules/applications to the CCTV dvr device 4. Click the box on the hub so dvr always used the same Ip address 4. Check the external IP address of my hub at Whatmyip. 5 On the app, set the address to the external address and the mobile port to 7050. Do a need to restart my hub, after all the changes to it ?
  3. Sorry, it took me a while to sort out how the app work. I can now get it to work locally, transmitting from my router to my phone via WiFi. However when I try to log on to the video feed, after switching off my phone Wifi and only using my telephone 4g signal. I still get Server unavailable
  4. I've changed it to DHCP, and rebooted and it now is on the network map, I opened port 80 and 7050 and set them to TCP. I've downloaded the app vMeye as according to the instructions and set the ip address to match the dvr, the port to 7050, but I'm still getting a Server Unavailable message Any Suggestions?
  5. I've a inspire blue cctv system, and have being trying to connect it to the internet via my BT homehub. When I connect it via a normal cat5e cable, it doesn't show on the Hubs, home network map. Am I using the right cable, and how should the port forwarding be set?
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