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  1. Firmware probably doesnt match as I found out recently trying to add an expander to an Ion 160, contact Eaton Tech support desk for confirmation.
  2. The zone sits in alarm, Ive taken the pir back to the storeman and told him they aint no good as a replacement for some of our existing panels. Fine for new installs of course.
  3. Sort after breed me mate, all women love a bit of Geordie
  4. It was Pete, would do it all again if I could guarantee the same perfect day. You dont get the option of not connecting the AM up it only has 2 connections for the loop
  5. Yeah the resistors bit I sussed but they come on a little board that is fitted to the PCB, there was no jumpers.
  6. They dont come much richer, she is married to me now ;-)
  7. Hi guys its been a while since my last confession but it seems I could do with some help, I dont see much intruder these days. I was given one of these Texecom Premier Elite AMDT to replace a defective Honeywell DT, the existing DT is connected to a Menvier panel. Am I right in thinking that these detectors can only be used in a EOL situation? I couldnt see how you could connect them as just an old traditional 2 loop alarm and tamper circuit.
  8. Buy a spares or repair unit from ebay
  9. 4 Jack Russel Terriers, I still get false alarms but I can just tell them to shut it.
  10. You could put relays on all the zones which would allow you to figure out if the problem is cable or device related as opposed to node related maybe?
  11. I suspect youve already been here http://aliendvr.com/support/
  12. Its unable to do that I'm sure, its gonna be pretty obvious if its set surely?
  13. Im a bit of an intruder dinosaur but I was under the impression keypads were not supposed to be able to display a set or unset indication for fairly obvious reasons
  14. Along with the other 52 years most of which were not memorable. At least i have a facebook film!
  15. The 9800 was a panel designed in the early/mid 80's, why would you want to use something so outdated?
  16. I read most them last night ok well about 30/40 of them, maybe!
  17. Thats right he's a grumpy old northern //.B.W.F.//!
  18. You may think its not required, but when you get turned over by a client or an insurance company you will wish you had it. Furthermore, failing to advise an insurance company doesnt mean they wont take it into account. I would be pretty certain if the insurance assessor turns out after a break in and see's the alarm panel theyre gonna ask the question was it set? If it wasnt they wont pay out, if it was they'll come looking for you!
  19. Im be surprised if you have insurance for failure to perform based on your figures alone you couldnt afford it and make a living from what your doing. If the unthinkable happens your going to be in deep poop if the client takes you to court. And while you assume that your not taking business away from from a proffessional company, if a potential client has quotes from companies, approved or not and you come along with your DIY system offered as a proffessional system some are going to take you up on it. I hear what your saying about the costs etc and understand why your doing it but the risk your taking is massive and sooner or later you might get bitten.
  20. I didnt have a first installation, i started out as a Service Engineer. Old Granley Panels were the first i worked on, proper lamps in them no led's and eol transformers.
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