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  1. Forgive me had a senior momement got the riscos mixed up
  2. The risco is in a class of it own the manual 110 odd pages they recommend one whole days training for experienced engineers two if your not it is read the manual several times Then go to the wholesaler buy a Texecom or Enforcer and fit that I use one in my junk box to hold the shed door open you will end up calling your installer to reset it is designed to be a earner did the outside sounder trigger when you took the unit off and show a tamper a hammer logo
  3. They have the most awkward rear tamper it is a problem to locate the rear spring onto the back plate bet the tamper is on engineers reset
  4. got involved in the great ideas before this came in worked for the idiot that suggested it might be a good idea so we could work all over the eu he had never been on the tools also wanted standby battery to do 7 days
  5. The original En 5031is closely based on the German regs of the time ,with the keypad within 1m of the final door etc ,as uk aluminium doors are often in the middle of the shop front with glass both sides no place for the key pad and the lock also had to secure the door and arm the system this would be the only entry point into the building from outside with the system set pd 6662 was the uks attempt to make it work over here with police response bet he retired before the ink was dry
  6. I have used optex and before that pulnix reflection towers at the request of a cost cutting customer and the loss of range is minimal but beam alignment is critical and not as secure . The mounting surface needs to be rock solid as with any beam system if the unit is disturbed it will not work The portable system we used involved a wooden pallet set in concreate and then spiked into the ground with a scaffold pole in the center and weld mesh to protect the units one mounted at 2 feet and the other at 3 feet worked well and proved reliable but not the cost if only for a single use for a few days Would a motion detected cctv system be a cheaper and quicker install
  7. One of the fist mass produced detectors to meet bs 4737 1971 that was not made for one of the big companies or that you did not have to buy direct in bulk and you could buy from this new thing called a wholesaler they cost so much each one had to be signed for and the empty box returned Most things in the late 70s had to be made in house even panels and out side bells, we even made door contacts reed switch glued on to an aluminium plate made in small batches with final assembly by the stores man
  8. Yes after 42 years [ a life sentence for murder is less ] and I do not know how many installs or sales I forget all the companies I worked for I am supposed to be semi retired but we moved house and I just had to rip the Risco wireless c--p out I have found a proper use for the panel use it to hold shed door open it even cannot do that reliably
  9. Beams are ok for a semi permanent install but if only for a few days? still a nice repeat install contract
  10. Fitted these back before the days of map6 late 70s before the days of plastic cases, used to be wired first to alarm latch ,had to fit up to ten on a single zone panel at first now wired eol nice to see an attempt to make it grade 2 Remember the case shape has it got Elkron [Italian]or Peake [uk rip off] on the label it is first detector I saw that had an led not a bulb They put an old gunn diode micro- wave in that case, and ultrasonics with ceramic coils and later even a single element pir he relay clicked so loud people complained most failed and replaced with Aritech Du series or later Racal 771 single element pir
  11. Have not seen those for years the original design goes back 40+ years n is for normal d is damped probably several on one cable they will all go back to an analyser board, as peter James says ball in a cup design the early one had gold plating and sat on 3 pins
  12. H[ What type bgd audio or vibration? If it is on a jewellery shop with extra thick laminated glass it is very unlikely audio will ever work old modern alarms bgd could be crudely tested with keyring the rattle used to trip this is very hit and miss with the ones made today or buy the proper test device emits the freq of smashing glass .The old school way to protect glass was vibration inertia set for gross attack {gardo} or the aritech pizo bond on type or foil all of which worked if fitted correctly against a hammer attack vipers work well today if there is no road traffic or rattling shutters
  13. now takes longer to drive to the job and park than to swap the galaxy panel out shame have to leave old equipment on site could of made a eBay fortune
  14. Hi when you work as slave you get all the **** jobs [as sub contractor] that's why we have takeovers the company tried to be clever and took the maint contract for a chain of corner shops go in change the panel -sas -fit redcare all at a fixed price and 8 hours labour very little profit and all the agro of free callouts just lots of new bell boxes
  15. Hi If the system requires a level one response [police] adt will retain the urn. It is easy to rip the panel out and replace with new Texecom or Eaton , adt takeovers always throw up a hidden gem usually no cable to the sas or cables not marked zone list missing etc must of changed several hundred over the last five years
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