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  1. SFB Solutions

    Dynamic DNS lookup fail on EE

    Six Wheeled Beast, can you enlighten me on the NAT loop back? quite a few jobs that i complete have the same issue where i have to create two user accounts, an internal IP one and a dynamic DNS one
  2. SFB Solutions

    Dynamic DNS lookup fail on EE

    The quattro uses the Explorer and the Viper the Super Live Plus, both i buy through Qvis but not sure if it is actually theirs or just a rebrand. Im phasing away from quattro and on to Viper now really but the Viper works over three ports where as the quattro just the one (34567)
  3. SFB Solutions

    Dynamic DNS lookup fail on EE

    Ah ok, i have only changed ports when ive had multiple dvrs on one site. Can you change the ports to anything? Yes 554 is the rtsp port from memory
  4. SFB Solutions

    Dynamic DNS lookup fail on EE

    Small update for those that are interested. I installed a Qvis system for a client yesterday and they had a phone on EE. i created the dyndns domain and port forwarded as usual and it worked fine, however this was the older style Explorer app qvis kit not the newer Super Live Plus. So, i think EE are only blocking a particular port that the newer DVR/NVR's are using maybe port 554?
  5. SFB Solutions

    Dynamic DNS lookup fail on EE

    Yes, using MXtool dns lookup on an EE network phone on 4G will not find the dns Do the same on a three network and it will report all working fine, ISP etc etc Thank you again for replies
  6. SFB Solutions

    New member saying HI

    Hi Warren, Welcome to the mad house
  7. SFB Solutions

    Dynamic DNS lookup fail on EE

    Sorry just see the other replies, not sure how i missed them, but yes FYI in my humble opinion EE block dyndns lookups, this will also be the case with other providers that use the EE network, i.e. Virgin
  8. SFB Solutions

    Dynamic DNS lookup fail on EE

    Yes P2P has worked fine but it feels like ive cheated Yes EE were saying they block port forwarding but it isnt the phone thats doing the port forwarding. Yes the clients phone is on an EE contract Yes RE DNS, this was on the suggestion of Hik Tech support, i thought it best to speak to them about the issue prior to EE. I normally set DNS to google or alike. Thank you for your help Ive had the same issue on another client on EE but with a Qvis unit now, goign to try P2P with them also.
  9. SFB Solutions

    Dynamic DNS lookup fail on EE

    Hi All, I have been in a chat all morning with the EE technical team who seem to think they block any sort of port forwarding over their network, this could be the issue, i have also left a message for a tech guy in their community forum and hoping he can come up with some ideas. Today i will visit the customer and try and use the P2P QR code link rather than the port forward and see if this tricks the EE network in to allowing it through
  10. SFB Solutions

    Dynamic DNS lookup fail on EE

    I haven’t tried that yet, I always use my own dyndns domains on installs, I have inserted the ISP dns and the local router up address in to the secondary dns and this hasn’t worked.
  11. Afternoon all, I have a difficult (i think) issue that im hoping somone has had before and can answer. I have installed a Hik Vision NVR in to a residential property and used a dynamic DNS domain to route the app through to the NVR. The internet provider is one that blocks internal traffic entering via a dyndns (sky) so they have an internal IP login as well as an external dyndns one. The internal login works perfectly as you would expect, its only using the internal IP address afterall. The external dyndns throws up a connection failed error. Now i hear you say your a donut and you have not set it up properly but hear me out please. On my phone (three is my provider) the system will log in via the app instantly via the dyndns name whether i am on a wifi network or 4g/3g. I can also use safari to go to the dyndns domain and log in to the NVR remotley. The clients phone will not discover the domain via safari and their provider is EE. The Hik App will not connect to the nvr via the domain name, only th einternal IP. I can sit in the office, ping the domain and it replies, i can log in to the domain via IE, Chrome or firefox no problem. I have checked and dyndns has updated the external IP. Can anyone throw any suggestions at me, i feel like ive checked everything with no other thoughts left bar its an EE dns lookup issue Hoping somene A understands my ramblings above and B has a suggestion or two bar calling EE and trying to explain the issue to them Alex
  12. SFB Solutions

    16ch Qvis Quattro V2 restarting

    Sorry i have only just seen this. It depends which DVR you are using, i have systems on the Explorer App and Super Live Plus, i find both reliable.
  13. SFB Solutions

    16ch Qvis Quattro V2 restarting

    I would have said exactly the same but I tried a new one out of a spare I had and it still restarted. Returned it to the supplier and replaced it with a Viper which has been faultless since Thank you for your ideas and help guys
  14. SFB Solutions

    16ch Qvis Quattro V2 restarting

    yes I always buy barebones kit and install my own drives. It has had three different HD installed It is going back to supplier today for a replacement.
  15. SFB Solutions

    Which Wireless Kit?

    I use the Eaton Ion kit as well and haven't had any real problems, used the Hybrid stuff and fully wireless. They have stopped selling a wireless keypad though so the keypad has to be wired. I still prefer this over the units that house the keypad on the main panel. I'm told a fix for the keypad is coming soon but they have said that for a while now.

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