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  1. SFB Solutions

    16ch Qvis Quattro V2 restarting

    Sorry i have only just seen this. It depends which DVR you are using, i have systems on the Explorer App and Super Live Plus, i find both reliable.
  2. SFB Solutions

    16ch Qvis Quattro V2 restarting

    I would have said exactly the same but I tried a new one out of a spare I had and it still restarted. Returned it to the supplier and replaced it with a Viper which has been faultless since Thank you for your ideas and help guys
  3. SFB Solutions

    16ch Qvis Quattro V2 restarting

    yes I always buy barebones kit and install my own drives. It has had three different HD installed It is going back to supplier today for a replacement.
  4. SFB Solutions

    Which Wireless Kit?

    I use the Eaton Ion kit as well and haven't had any real problems, used the Hybrid stuff and fully wireless. They have stopped selling a wireless keypad though so the keypad has to be wired. I still prefer this over the units that house the keypad on the main panel. I'm told a fix for the keypad is coming soon but they have said that for a while now.
  5. SFB Solutions

    16ch Qvis Quattro V2 restarting

    100% the one that came with the recorder unfortunately, ill take it back today. Thanks
  6. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on an issue ive had today. I have upgraded an existing CCTV System from an old PC based system to a DVR but the DVR is restarting around every 10 mins. I have disconnected all monitors bar my test monitor and it still did it changed the HD removed the HD changed the power supply changed the password Camera wiring remains original and I'm thinking I could maybe have some power coming up one of the existing cables which over loads the dvr in some way and restarts it. Any ideas before I give in and call support Thanks
  7. SFB Solutions

    ADT System

    Sorry I may of mis sold the customer, they aren't leaving ADT due to cost, I don't really want to say why on a public forum but it isn't due to the cost.
  8. SFB Solutions

    ADT System

    Thank you for your reply, the only panels I dealt with years ago were Galaxy when working for a large Installer. Yea I didn't think I would be able to find parts. Ive quoted for a strip out and renew.
  9. SFB Solutions

    ADT System

    Security, Facilities and Business installations, not sure if you are being flippant or not? I was just looking for helpful advice from others in the industry (I'm waiting for my Trade Application to go through)
  10. SFB Solutions

    ADT System

    So I had my meeting with the prospective client and its not a normal ADT System (I don't think) its a Networker TS790/900, turns out its around the 16 years old mark and the keypad is on its way out. My local supplier doesn't stock these units, anyone heard of them? I might end up quoting for a new equipment install utilising some existing wiring if I'm honest.
  11. SFB Solutions

    ADT System

    Thanks for the help and replies people, I will assess and see what state the equipment is in.
  12. SFB Solutions

    ADT System

    I am meeting the client soon and will take a look at the equipment to ascertain what they have, I must admit I'm expecting it to be a galaxy with custom firmware but we will see.
  13. SFB Solutions

    ADT System

    Yes I meant engineers code. Thanks for the help so far
  14. SFB Solutions

    George Vekkos

    Hi and Welcome
  15. SFB Solutions

    ADT System

    Thanks for the reply. Its a long winded story and I wont go in to it here but it wasn't money (apparently). Will ADT hand it over or will it be a case of a hard reset and start again?

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