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  1. Check for the resistors at the end of the BUS with a meter?
  3. Best to try defaulting with just the panel on a short test wire to the keypad, making sure all tampers are closed.
  4. Did you check the system voltages and charging rate when the battery was replaced? It could also be that the battery has failed again, have you tried resetting on mains alone? Could there be another fault with field wiring or equipment, you would need to disconnected and isolate things correctly one by one to test this.
  5. You could supply it from whatever you want, that doesn't mean it will conform to standards or safe working practices. Ideally would have it's own MCB in the CU or a spur from a power circuit, but I have seen all sorts in my time. Also it wouldn't matter about the building being complete, most jobs are retrofits.
  6. Lots to assume here... Yes, something is misconfigured. It's certainly not weird, just not right. I would say you have a dialler attached to the Premier system so the issue isn't necessarily at the panel. Is your system self installed or do you have a installer? Again I'd assume that you installed it as in the DIY section. How long has this been happening and how old is the system? What equipment do you have connected to the system? How it is connected? So we could point you in the right direction.
  7. It's never too far on to have a wired system. Good engineers should have the skill to install a wired system with minimal disruption.
  8. Yep was only clarifying why you can't find much information. No one was offering or suggesting anything. Do you mean site agent? So from your last comment, I gather this is a new build or something then?
  9. I did answer those questions above. Also this is security equipment, so posting information and manuals everywhere puts that information in the wrong hands. I am sure you see why there is limited information about this sort of stuff. This can also cause issues if you come to DIY it with no codes or instructions.
  10. Both Engineers and User codes will be the default values and your responsibility to change them. If someone installs a system they will provide you with a user code but keep the engineers code so only the installer can make changes.
  11. No, I certainly wouldn't provide codes for a system that had a warranty. You could have them service it and reset the code when the warranty expires.
  12. Supplied or fitted? Sounds cheap if fitted.
  13. Yes, battery will be near end of life if not already. EWD batteries last longer but would be tested for operation on a service by removing hold off. Service would also include things like operational check of all devices, voltage and charging checks for power supplies, battery checks and replacements etc etc
  14. Yep, a terrible joke on my behalf. It is normally optional Good reason to get a professional system with monitoring then? I prefer wired. I don't agree, your looking from an external deterrent. If they get in an alarm would normally stop them hanging around. A pretty light wouldn't. I have nothing against that, you take on the risk if it doesn't work correctly. Like any DIY.
  15. Maybe you mean WEEE? How have you decided that? That's apparently what consumers want. If your alarm doesn't cry wolf and you have good neighbours, you would hope someone would pay attention to it. The manufacturer and alarm companies make more money out of you, for the convenience of wireless. Not to say that wired ones are completely maintenance free. In that case why don't you fit a fully wired system, or get a company to do it? Your going to have to replace the batteries in all the devices anyway. Depends on the system. Enforcer, I believe you can have either but wireless is not a full keypad it's just for arming. Maybe someone that fits them regular can confirm. Depends on your budget, obviously it's not an alarm therefore shouldn't be compared to one. The boxes are 12V and also you have to be careful with planning permission for illuminated boxes. Consider are you just attracting attention to your property with no dog to bark if anyone enters? I am sure I have given you plenty more questions to ask. So ask away. Have you considered having one fitted by a company or do you definitely what to take the risk on installing and setting something up yourself. I wouldn't stand there then if I was you.