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  1. Texecom Premier Elite 64W Wireless keypad woes

    Flash port is for flashing only it's not a Com Port. The flasher board has a the same molex so you can use the same lead for flashing and programming.
  2. Visonic Powermax express

    Need to check the logs not much point guessing. They could jam each other but are enrolled to the panel so wouldn't arm each other.
  3. veritas 8 problem

    The better quality ones anyway. Wouldn't fit sensors without sealed optics, unless I had no option like wireless for example.
  4. Veritas 8 installation bug

    Green and Black wires are wrong way round in the sensor if you look very closely. It will be one beep for zone 1 active.
  5. Veritas 8 external sounder

    Some sort of bell delay or maybe it's set to internals only on part set.
  6. Veritas 8 installation bug

    Wiring looks fine from what I can tell. How many times is the system beeping? Likely to be a tamper issue I agree. Or maybe a blown fuse would make sense if the PIR is active all the time.
  7. Veritas 8 external sounder

    Unless there is a bell delay set up something isn't right. Could be a number of things so needs diagnosing.
  8. veritas 8 problem

    Could possibly be a faulty sensor. Have you tested anything or used your multimeter yet?
  9. Problem with gardtec 800

    Is the other keypad active when the main door one shows busy? Just silence with the user code when you remove the PIR, then reset when complete.
  10. Help required with panel

    Code Omit 2 Set Reminds me how annoying iconic buttons are for giving help on the phone. I understand why manufacturers do it but most users have no idea what the icons are suppose to mean.
  11. Replacing Texecom Key Pad

    No room in the Poly case for a full fat Premier at that time. Export panel where digi and outputs were more important than bell terminals.
  12. Unknown Alarm System Please Advise

    1 9 AWAY
  13. Replacing Texecom Key Pad

    Yes it will be fine, you will need to replace the backplate tho.
  14. can anyone recommend a wired alarm system?

    Is your existing system faulty or is the coverage not adequate? Are you looking for someone to install a system or DIY?
  15. Replacing Texecom Key Pad

    You have to be careful which exact panel you have, R8/Plus or Excel is not compatible with the standard LCD Premier keypad. A 412/418 I believe should be compatible, but they are not a common panel in the UK. The plastic casing is actually over the top of the silicone buttons on your new keypad, must be a pretty old keypad if it is silicone buttons only. Keypads have a data connection they do not store data, LCD, LCDL LCDP LCDLP are interchangeable but have different features, prox, large screen, both etc.