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  1. Panel Schematic?

    While old schematics maybe interesting it's unlikely you will find any available, they are normally kept in house. Very few engineers would repair down to component level and manufacturers would prefer to keep there designs to themselves. Unless you specifically want to work with ATMEL or PIC's, you could make something with basic components or use a relatively low cost SBC to interface with sensors on GPIO.
  2. Challenger 5

    Providing the lamp has a day night sensor, yeah.
  3. optima xm tamper alarm problem

    I would assume the tamper on the outside sounder is faulty.
  4. Challenger 5

    I assume it needs a service and a new battery, that's if no ones looked at it in 20 years.
  5. veritas excel lcd keypad

    Excel isn't a popular panel, may have spoke to someone unfamiliar with them? I have no idea what your asking here. Are you trying to repair or get quotes for your own system here?
  6. veritas excel lcd keypad

    From memory you don't set zones per suite on an Excel. The zones are only enabled or disabled using the full and part suite options. The type changes are in another menu and are global for part, so you have it's full state and part suite(s) state that's it.
  7. Costs would depend on area etc. It could be done by an alarm engineer within a one hour call out charge, unless there's something unusual about the installation, like access issues.
  8. Prepare ear protection and ladders. Remove Mains and Battery from main controls, get up to external sounder while it's sounding and remove battery. Caution:- Mains voltages in panel and the flashing strobe unit WILL give you a shock if you touch them. Alarms are designed to be tamper proof, there is no way to disable the outside sounder without getting up to it. If the only issue is the battery have you considered having someone come out to either service it or if required disable it for you?
  9. 8 Ohm Intruder Alarm Extension Speakers

    A multimeter is the normal tool for testing these things. Power LED dimming and temperature output is not going to indicate much change unless severely overloaded.
  10. 8 Ohm Intruder Alarm Extension Speakers

    So you need to calculate the total system current while in alarm to make sure you don't overload the panels power supply. While doing this you would also calculate the systems standby current and work this out against your standby battery to make sure it's adequate for say 12 hours of power outage.
  11. 8 Ohm Intruder Alarm Extension Speakers

    If it's 16 Ohm speaker driver it should be driving 16 Ohm. Wiring of multiple speakers would depend on the wiring configuration. Series - Zt = Za + Zb Parallel - Zt = (Za * Zb) / (Za + Zb) We don't know what's on the system to know how loaded the panel is. Most systems can take a speaker, a bellbox, a keypad and a hand full of PIR's from there PSU.
  12. Accenta G3 manual

    Have you checked the Downloads section where most manuals are archived for your convenience? http://www.thesecurityinstaller.co.uk/community/files/category/3-ade/
  13. Texecom Premier Elite FSL wiring

    I suggest reading the instructions for everything before you start, neither of those devices wire onto the panel as a zone.
  14. From Unknown PIR to Dual TEC

    Bench testing will hardly be beneficial for testing brick throwing but it's sensible wiring things up on a bench first before jumping into a project.
  15. From Unknown PIR to Dual TEC

    Did I follow this correctly? A grand for that shoddy work? Movement detectors are designed to detect people walking across them, yes they can pick up other things due to how they work but that's what they are designed to do. You shouldn't be expecting a PIR or DT to detect this type of incident There is more to alarms than sticking coloured wires in holes, understanding how detection works and what type you need for the environment is all part of the job. If you want to detect the window being put in, I suggest using a method capable of this. Also to your last point an auto dialler maybe fast but it's certainly not a secure method.