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  1. SD1+ Speech dialler problems

    From what i can tell of your post the acknowledgement and abort options are set incorrectly.
  2. Texecom Comwifi

    These card only use one COM port so if busy doing a task you will not be able to login. This to me sounds like something is misconfigured in the router. Every router is different and ISP provided routers are junk. Update IP works as intended from your description. I would put the old router back to test it myself. I never liked the WiFi version but never had an problem with LAN card. WiFi ones are a bit annoying to get setup but when setup work fine. They have there limitations hence the new Smartcom but again it's down to people expecting plug and play instead of following the instructions, like I said in the trade thread recently. For private reporting services (not connected to an ARC) I would prefer to have a ComIP and use my own static IP or DDNS service over using a closed platform to auto-configure everything.
  3. Panda burglar alarm

    Never fitted one or taken one down. I would imagine a Friedland bell and SCB bell module with battery?
  4. Panda burglar alarm

    A small pile of rust by now.
  5. Sounds like a good price if they know what they are doing. It's certainly not easier to do it yourself,. Never looked at the Ion myself but your going to have to learn how it all works, programmes and goes together. For example, you say hooking it up to the inet will be the easy bit, but do you know where to enter the IP settings on the panel? It depends how much you value your time versus your money, if you do DIY it maybe best to read the manual a few times and then get the panel sensors enrolled and tested first. If you have any further specific questions break them down in another thread, you may find someone that has used the Ion can point you in the right direction.
  6. How secure is the stuff you're connecting to the www?

    CVE Numbering Authority
  7. How secure is the stuff you're connecting to the www?

    These CVE lists only cover known and reported vulnerabilities. More interesting is that Hikvision are now a CNA as of this month.
  8. Gardtec 300 help

    Pan head - cpc.farnell.com/FN03698 Dome head - cpc.farnell.com/FN01901 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screw#Screw_head_shapes To get back on topic what really matters is the size of the nut in the casing and it's thread, it's certainly not a countersunk wood screw. I suppose it's only an old Gardtec but I prefer to do a job right, I would expect the same if I was seeking advice.
  9. Gardtec 300 help

    Dome, pan and round are all different types of heads... Pan would look more like a brass screw for a galv box, for example.
  10. Gardtec 300 help

    Don't expect the correct screw to go back in after you've jammed a wood screw in it. I would think it's something like a M3x6 dome head, going from the memory of the few Gardtecs I have had to deal with. Pattress screws are normally M3.5 which would be a guide on size.
  11. LCD display blank

    Battery would need to be loaded to test but yes chewed cables will not help.
  12. Texecom Premier Elite 24 Panel Lid Tamper

    Tampers are a 24hr type alarm. This means internals if unset, full alarm if armed.
  13. Texecom Premier Elite 24 Panel Lid Tamper

    Yes, keyhole fixing hole adjacent the mains and tamper switch. If you have not used the keyhole as a fixing you have not fitted the rear tamper. The keyhole fixing if used and overtightened (or ripped off the wall in a burglary) will break the plastic plate and move the switch away from the lid screw by design. The 3 pin header should be marked with a white line, not got a PE24 to hand to say left, middle or right. If in doubt try both positions. Panel is best to be factory defaulted on first power up. You would normally get tampers and internal alarm on first power up.
  14. Texecom Premier Elite 24 Panel Lid Tamper

    The back tamper is part of the keyhole plastic as I said. You could rule out the cab tampers by using a jumper on the header, then try resetting the controls. This is the firmware from stock so will be correct unless flashed. Can't really see much of what I am talking about from the picture, I understand you are trying to show the lid screw.
  15. Texecom Premier Elite 24 Panel Lid Tamper

    Lead from the switch not connected to the panel? Keyhole plastic over tightened breaking the back tamper? Firmware version?