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Honeywell ADE Gen 4 - Landing sensor sets off alarm, but it is not used in the set program

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Recently installed an alarm system for a customer where there is four sensors and the main Honeywell ADE Gen 4 panel.


Using the tests, we checked all of the zones and they work correctly or as expected.


However, when setting up a program for when the alarm is being set to go to bed. One of the zones doesn't work correctly.


This zone being the landing, zone 4, which should be completely disabled since they need to walk past this sensor to go to the toilet.

I'm not sure why its being used since it hasn't been used in the program. This being shown when going into the different types and the zone light not appearing.


Hope someone can help with this.




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Posted (edited)

We have programmed and done everything own self since they are elderly.


But I know the zones are correct as we did the Walk Test and found which zones are which.


I will need to look into the program though. So do you think the zone is enabled or something?

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56 minutes ago, sixwheeledbeast said:

It sounds like programming issue.

Can you trigger the issue yourself or is the customer setting it wrong?

Is the wrong part set programmed, are the zones correct, these are the things I'd be looking for.


Forgot to answer your first question.

Yes, it is triggered from the zone 4 sensor. As we've gone onto the landing to test that it doesn't trigger the alarm, but it does.

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40 minutes ago, sixwheeledbeast said:

Don't fit ADE but I would have a good read through the manual, something will be incorrectly programmed somewhere.


Okay, thank you for your help. I'll see what the problem is

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1 hour ago, james.wilson said:

greed you waont have programmed the part sets correctly

Probably not programmed at all

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IIRC you program what the zone does in every part set ?


I've little interest in supporting them & only really see them when removing 'em

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