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Verisure? Verypoor

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Take all online reviews with a pinch of salt and completely ignore platform any were the businesses have full moderation (facebook etc).

The majority of people are useless at giving an in depth review of service because they have no other experience and business will often only ever show the positive side.

Reviews are not what they were years ago, you could give/take minor criticism and improve with it. It's become just a place where people vent in public if something went wrong, or bump them as close to 5* as possible.


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Heard of a number of businesses offering extras or free stuff if a customer would remove/improve/reword a review. This isn't how reviews are suppose to work if they are to be more than an advert/space on platform...

It's also impossible for these review sites to moderate this behaviour on the internet, plus they are only really interested in the internet traffic/ad revenue which pays the wages.

Stick to asking relatives, colleagues or your mates opinion down the pub...

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