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Alarm Maintenance Contract near Milton Keynes?

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31 minutes ago, Andyha said:

I think we would have to agree to disagree


Note also that the basis of this thread is to help the original poster.


All I am saying is "do be careful"


So you may be right that it is "not true" under certain circumstances, with certain insurers and with certain polices, however the time to find out I am right is not after a claim is refused


So I repeat: "do be careful" 

Sure agreed , make sure read your small print , these cheating insurers will out something in the TC to do you over proper

10 hours ago, james.wilson said:

You sure Al? 

I agree it depends on the size of the claim but not using your brakes if available might be a reason to avoid paying a claim? 

Nah don't see the comparison , although understand what your trying to say 

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5 hours ago, Andyha said:

however the time to find out I am right is not after a claim is refused



This is absolutely right, dont take the brokers word for anything they are selling the risk on and will say anything to get your dollar 

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