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  1. Thank you all. I just got in touch with the insurance co to remove this clause. Lets see what happens (may be nothing). I thought about changing the insurance co but I think the clause follows me. I contacted one insurance co. Two people from the same co told me to say that I don't have an alarm system (when filling in the form) and then they can't enforce what I don't have.
  2. OK, Thanks. So, anyone can suggest a good alarm system? I will return Nest and get proper alarm installed. Is Pyronix V10 any good? or Texecom products? Anyone neat Milton Keynes wants to give me a quote?
  3. I see. I am happy to get alarm installed professionally. But I still have to pay additional £100+vat for servicing the alarm annually. Not everyone has an alarm. Not everyone has a maintenance contract. Why me?
  4. Hi All, Thank you for your replies. I had a burglary last year. Unfortunately, my system wasn't working (this is the old system, not Nest). Insurance company now has a clause in my policy that I have to have an alarm maintenance contract.
  5. Hi All I have a Nest Alarm installed by myself but my insurance company wants a yearly maintenance contract to go with it. Does anybody know if I can get maintenance only contract for such an alarm? Thank you.
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