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I have a Texecom alarm with a Veritas R8 (or plus?) / Excel styled control panel box with a Premier LCDL remote key pad from around 2003. The keys on the remote key pad were made of a soft silicone and some of them have become worn and difficult to press and register. I have looked around but I can’t find replacement silicone key pad so I purchased a second hand Premier LCDL remote keypad from ebay with the intention of changing over the silicone but the new keypad actually came with solid plastic keys which look much better and should last much longer.

Now I’m wondering if I can just swap the whole keypad units over rather than just the silicone keys which may not be possible as the solid keys likely won’t fit the old unit. Before I try swapping the remote keypads over I wanted to sanity check I wasn’t going to do something totally crazy. Are all the settings (zones names, users etc) stored in the veritas control panel while the remote keypad is simply a dumb terminal or are some settings stored in the remote keypad in which case I would need to write them down and the reprogram the new keypad?

I’m not using any of the additional zones on the remote keypad, the only things that are connected are the +,-,T & P connectors for the network. From the paperwork I have it looks like the box could be running Premier 412/418 V6 software.

The circuit board on the original Premier LCDL keypad is Texecom 2001 D0243-02.02, barcode PPL201920 with a date sticker 17.09.02. The replacement Premier LCDL keypad is 4207 Texecom 2005 D5048-02.05, barcode LRP3112727. It could actually be an LCDLP keypad as it has PROX on the front. The control panel has E77787 and barcode EOS2026168.

Does anyone know if any data is stored on these remote keypads or if it’s all on the control panel and if so are the keypads are fully interchangeable? Will the newer keypad work with the older control pannel?

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You have to be careful which exact panel you have, R8/Plus or Excel is not compatible with the standard LCD Premier keypad.

A 412/418 I believe should be compatible, but they are not a common panel in the UK.

The plastic casing is actually over the top of the silicone buttons on your new keypad, must be a pretty old keypad if it is silicone buttons only.

Keypads have a data connection they do not store data, LCD, LCDL LCDP LCDLP are interchangeable but have different features, prox, large screen, both etc.

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Yes thats an old Premier 412 or 816 panel you have, I had one with LED display keypad.

As far as I know you should be fine with the (Texecom Premier Keypad) replacement keypad you have, but a quick call to Texecom and they should be able to confirm.



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16 minutes ago, sixwheeledbeast said:

No room in the Poly case for a full fat Premier at that time.

Export panel where digi and outputs were more important than bell terminals.


nah just shit design,


they could have used the metal work from the vertias

Mr😀 Veritas God

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On 17/11/2017 at 21:07, datadiffusion said:

True though esp. in Spain and the like you only ever see metal 'alarmed by Group 4' signs not bells.

You in Spain?

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