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  1. 21ninja


    VW SWB Transporter 100ps. Very nice van but only average 33 mpg. Due to adblue the diesel tank is 15 litres smaller so only do 350/380 out of a tank. Nearly 1.5 years old and only put 15k on it from new.
  2. can you post a picture of your existing control panel pcb and keypad
  3. The useful answer was already given below in red
  4. I don't know these panels, But why can't you scroll back through the event log to see whats it shows prior to power outage and when the engineer arrives.
  5. We have done this on a monitored site and had to tell the arc which cameras had the horns. We had 6 cameras in a rectangle car compound with a horn on every other camera.
  6. We have had ptz, brackets, domes and bell covers spray to certain colours. We take them to a car body shop and they come back very good.
  7. Tonights Takeaway

  8. Ok. is it just on one dome or can you swap locations with another dome.
  9. Are you leaving the iris button on all the time? Sounds like may need to go back for repair then?
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