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User manual for ADE Optima Compact alarm system

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Please can you advise how to download or order a user manual for an ADE Optima Compact of unknown generation.  I have looked everywhere on the internet and Honeywell's site with no luck.  I have attached picture.




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19 minutes ago, declan said:

I have already looked at manuals for g3 and g4, they do not match the buttons or work.  I will look at the g2 download when I am allowed to.

What you want to do on it?

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Any of this work?



To Set the System
From the Day mode. Enter the four digit user code. The system will start to Set Program 1.
If another Program is not selected, Program will arm according to its exit mode.

To Set a Program
From the Day mode, enter a four digit user code.
The system will start to Set Program 1. Press Prog followed by the Program number to be Set.
A series of beeps will be produced acknowledging the Program number
and the Program will start to Set according to its exit mode.

Faults During Setting
Faults are shown by the zone indicators, accompanied by a broken beep tone, one beep for zone I,
two beeps for zone 2 etc. All exit timers have their timer periods halted whilst zones are in fault.

To Omit Zones
Enter a 4 digit user code and if required, select Program 2 or 3.
Press Omit, the exit tone will stop and the zones that are about to be armed will be displayed.
Key in the zone number(s) to be omitted which will flash to confirm selection.
(Zones which have been programmed as omit prevent will give a reject tone).
When the selection is complete press Set and the exit tone will continue.

To Quick Set
Pressing Set during the exit period will cause the exit tone to stop
and the system to Set within about 5 seconds.

To Unset the System
Enter the user code and the system will return to Day mode. If the alarm has been activated then entering
the code will stop the alarm and the cause of the alarm will be displayed, Press Reset to clear the indication
and return to Day mode.

The user 1 and user 2 codes are 4 digit and can be set to any number from 0000 to 9999.
They have the same operation for testing, Setting and Unsetting.
but user 1 code which is usually considered to be the 'Managers' code
has the authority to add, change or delete the user 2 code.

To Change User Codes
Press Prog then enter your user 1 code, Press 8 to change user 1 code or
7 to change user 2 code, then enter your new 4-digit code.
Press Reset to return to day mode.

Keypad PA
Keys 4 and 9 on the control panel and remote keypad are PA.
If these keys are depressed together. a full alarm condition will be generated.

Press the Chime key followed by the number of the zone/s required to chime
Or Press 0 to cancel all chimes, after a few seconds the system will automatically
Return to the day mode.

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11 hours ago, al-yeti said:

Hi Al yeti


This is not the manual for mine and the buttons do not correspond and I don't have a screen.  I have a ADE Optima Compact as in picture supplied.  I do not want to start pressing buttons I think correspond and causing a problem I then do not know how to get out of with a siren blaring or my code no longer working. 

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12 hours ago, sixwheeledbeast said:

Hi I can still not download the g2 file, it gives and error code and says I am not allowed. I am logged in as myself. Do you know how to resolve this.

Just now, al-yeti said:

Well the compact was the same as the late accenta 8 as far as I know and you must have a duff panel


The panel works fine as do all the keys.  I need the correct user instructions for it, is all. 

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On 19/05/2017 at 17:39, declan said:

I figured it out, using bits of the manual instructions. Thanks for your efforts.

Hi Declan, I'm searching in exactly the same way you did!  I have the exact same ADE Optima Compact alarm, same panel.  I have the 4-digit code but no real idea what I'm doing.  The only information I could find is this link - https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Technical/DataSheets/Ade/ACCENTA6_8_User.pdf

Is this what helped you in the end or do you have another link?  Thanks in advance

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