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  1. I figured it out, using bits of the manual instructions. Thanks for your efforts.
  2. Hi I can still not download the g2 file, it gives and error code and says I am not allowed. I am logged in as myself. Do you know how to resolve this. The panel works fine as do all the keys. I need the correct user instructions for it, is all.
  3. Hi Al yeti This is not the manual for mine and the buttons do not correspond and I don't have a screen. I have a ADE Optima Compact as in picture supplied. I do not want to start pressing buttons I think correspond and causing a problem I then do not know how to get out of with a siren blaring or my code no longer working.
  4. I have already looked at manuals for g3 and g4, they do not match the buttons or work. I will look at the g2 download when I am allowed to.
  5. Please can you advise how to download or order a user manual for an ADE Optima Compact of unknown generation. I have looked everywhere on the internet and Honeywell's site with no luck. I have attached picture. Thanks.
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