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Hi Folks

Hope everyone is well.

I am looking for a bit of advice. Any advice is appreciated.

I currently have a standard honeywell door contact sensor on my front door and patio door. It is already wired up & working fine.

I want to upgrade them to Viper GLX Shock Sensor With Contacts.

Do i simply cable the new Viper exactly the same as the existing sensor? Or do i need to use extra wiring back to the panel?

Thanks in advance - Enjoy the weekend.



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As long as you dont need to know if the ontact or the vibro have activated then the wiring can be reused. However if you want them to report on seperate zones (which is best practice) you will need an additional pair of wires. You may have them in place but a door contact does not require power. A viper does.

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Hi Jameswilson. I very much appreciate you taking the time out of your day to reply.

I note that you mentioned that I would need an additional pair for separate zones.

I currently have a Honeywell Galaxy G2-20 panel.

The current zone setup is as below: As stated in menu 52 (Engineers Mode)

1001 - Main Door Contact (Final)

1002 - Hallway Pir (Exit)

1003 - Front Lounge Pir (Intruder)

1004 - Rear Lounge Pir (Intruder)

1011 - Kitchen Pir (Intruder)

1012 - Study Room Pir (Intruder)

1013 - Landing Pir (Intruder)

1014 - Master Bedroom Pir (Intruder)

1015 - Second Bedroom Pir (Intruder)

1016 - Boxroom Pir (Intruder)

1017 - Patio Door Contact (Intruder)

1018 - Spare

The contacts that I wanted to replace are shown as: 1001 - Main Door Contact (Final) & 1017 - Patio Door Contact (Intruder).

As they are shown as separate zones, would I still need to add an extra pair for any reason?

Thanks for your time.



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The extra "pair" on the cable is for each contact.

Hopefully you have six core (or more) cable going to your original contacts.

So each Viper GLX & Contact will be two zones (four in total).

This also means you will need two spare zones on your panel.

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Hi Sixwheeledbeast.

Thank you for taking the time to explain this to me. It now makes sense to me.

Unfortunately I have used 11 of 12 hard wired zones already. I currently have only 1 spare zone left.

I do have 7 of 8 RF zones currently free.

Is there any other way around this from your professional experience?

Thanks again for reply.



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