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  1. Hi All Apologies for the delayed reply. Yes, I am installing the Selfmon LCE-01 IP Module. It will allow me to use the Virtual Keypad & the Selfmon. The Virtual Keypad is the main reason for installing the LCE-01 IP Module. Regards Zemme
  2. Hi Matthew. Thank you very much for the prompt reply. I appreciate your time to reply. I will have to do this when the neighbours are at work . Best Regards Zemme
  3. Hi All Hope all is well. I hope this is not a stupid question. I thank you in advance. I've purchased a Honeywell galaxy ethernet module. I have a query in relation to powering down the panel prior to installing it. When i have put the panel into engineers mode, and disconnect the fused spur, i will have to remove the backup battery power also. Will the external bellbox sound, when the backup battery power is removed? Appreciate your reply. Great forum. Regards Zemme
  4. Hi Sixwheeledbeast. Thank you for taking the time to explain this to me. It now makes sense to me. Unfortunately I have used 11 of 12 hard wired zones already. I currently have only 1 spare zone left. I do have 7 of 8 RF zones currently free. Is there any other way around this from your professional experience? Thanks again for reply. Regards Zemme
  5. Hi Jameswilson. I very much appreciate you taking the time out of your day to reply. I note that you mentioned that I would need an additional pair for separate zones. I currently have a Honeywell Galaxy G2-20 panel. The current zone setup is as below: As stated in menu 52 (Engineers Mode) 1001 - Main Door Contact (Final) 1002 - Hallway Pir (Exit) 1003 - Front Lounge Pir (Intruder) 1004 - Rear Lounge Pir (Intruder) 1011 - Kitchen Pir (Intruder) 1012 - Study Room Pir (Intruder) 1013 - Landing Pir (Intruder) 1014 - Master Bedroom Pir (Intruder) 1015 - Second Bedroom Pir (Intruder) 1016 - Boxroom Pir (Intruder) 1017 - Patio Door Contact (Intruder) 1018 - Spare The contacts that I wanted to replace are shown as: 1001 - Main Door Contact (Final) & 1017 - Patio Door Contact (Intruder). As they are shown as separate zones, would I still need to add an extra pair for any reason? Thanks for your time. Regards Zemme
  6. Hi Folks Hope everyone is well. I am looking for a bit of advice. Any advice is appreciated. I currently have a standard honeywell door contact sensor on my front door and patio door. It is already wired up & working fine. I want to upgrade them to Viper GLX Shock Sensor With Contacts. Do i simply cable the new Viper exactly the same as the existing sensor? Or do i need to use extra wiring back to the panel? Thanks in advance - Enjoy the weekend. Regards Zemme
  7. Hi Jameswilson. My uncle has sorted the issue out now. I asked him to remove the Star A & B Datalink connection and reinstate it as Daisy Chain. Then on the last peripheral, i.e. RF Portal, I asked him to install a 680ohm resister. Both downstairs & upstairs Keyprox Keypads now work. Also the RF Portal is working, as I can use the RF Fobs to set & unset the alarm. Everything is now working as expected. I would like to thank all the forum members including yourself for taking time out of their busy day schedules for posting constructive replies. Hopefully this post will also help others to rectify mistakes that they may also have in their setup. I have another request which in sure you kind fellows will be able to advice me on. Now that I have the RF Portal working, I would like to install wireless window contacts on all my swing window openings. Which Honeywell battery powered contacts would you recommend, and is it easy to add them into the system with specific zones, i.e. full set & night set. I appreciate your valuable comments. Best Regards - Have a nice weekend Guys & Girls.
  8. Hi Fozzies, thank you very much for the reply. I spoke to a friend of a friend who is an ADT Alarm engineer. He gave me some advice, which did mention using a 680ohm resistor on the last peripheral between the A & B Datalink on the RF Portal. He advised me to daisy chain the 2 keypads and the RF portal, then on the RF portal to install a 680ohm resister on the A & B Datalink.My uncle will be trying this today. The RS485 databus is working fine, as the downstairs keypad is working fine. According to the Honeywell engineers manual it states to use a 680ohm resistor also & daisy chain also. I'm hoping this is proves correct. I have been to Maplin and purchased some 680ohm resistors as I misplaced the original ones that came with the panel. Thanks for taking the time to reply, Appreciate it. Best Regards Hi Jameswilson. I honestly think that the problem lies in the cabling fashion, i.e. that the Star fashion connection is incorrect & that it should be a Daisy Chain connection from each peripheral. I have power cycles the panel a few times & also exited the engineer mode. Thanks for taking the time to reply, Appreciate it. Best Regards
  9. Hi Jameswilson, thank you very much for the reply. Yes, we exited engineers mode after adding the devices. Currently the A & B datalinks from the 2 keypads and the rf portal are connected in a Star to the A & B datalinks on the panel. The downstairs keypad is working fine as it was the primary connection the A & B datalink on the panel. So i can rule out that the RS485 is faulty on the databus. I also took the keypad upstairs local, bypassing all the structured cabling currently in place in the properties wall. The problem still remained. I also replaced the existing keypad for 2 brand new ones. So this ruled out a faulty keypad. Thanks for taking the time to reply, Appreciate it. Best Regards Hi Magpye, , thank you very much for the reply. I spoke to Honeywell Customer Support. They advised that the issue is related to "No Communication on the A & B Line", as you kindly mentioned. I was advised to remove the Star connection & Daisy chain the connection instead. My Uncle will be coming over to rectify this today. Thanks for taking the time to reply, Appreciate it. Best Regards
  10. Hi All Hope you are all well. I hope i am posting my query on the correct thread. I would dearly appreciate any advice that is provided for my query. I recently had a Honeywell Galaxy G2-20 installed by my uncle. He has only installed a couple of these Honeywell alarms previously, however he is stumped on a certain issue. My setup is as below. 1 X Honeywell Keyprox MK7 CP-038 Keypad (Address 0, Downstairs) 1 X Honeywell Keyprox MK7 CP-038 Keypad (Address 1, Downstairs) 1 x Honeywell RF Portal (Address 4) The issue that i currently face is that the only functioning keypad is downstairs. From an overall perspective, the alarm functions fine with the keypad installed downstairs. I can set & unset the alarm fine. The issue is that the upstairs keypad and the rf portal do not function when connected to the power supply. The upstairs keypad led is rapidly flashing with a green led and flashes with many stars, eg. ***************************************. The keypad was beeping when installed, however the esc key was pressed to silence the audible keypad beeps. The rf portal is not connecting correctly via the data line. I have come to the conclusion that the communication link has not been wired up correctly. The current setup has the A & B from the keypads & rf portal connecting directly on to the A & B data bus on the G2-20 panel. It is not daisy chained. Are my assumptions correct? Also the last connection (rf portal) does not have a 680ohm resistor connected between the A & B. Should the setup be like this? 1. Alarm Panel Data Bus "A" -> Keyprox Keypad Downstairs Data Link "A" -> Keyprox Keypad Upstairs Data Link "A" ->RF Portal Data Link "A". 2. Alarm Panel Data Bus "B" -> Keyprox Keypad Downstairs Data Link "B" -> Keyprox Keypad Upstairs Data Link "B" ->RF Portal Data Link "B". 3. RF Portal Data Link "A" -> RF Portal Data Link "B" (Looped Using A 680ohm Resistor). I appreciate your time to reply. Best Regards Zemme
  11. Hi Guys & Girls My name is Zemme, I am from Wembley, London. I just registered on the forum today. I hope everyone is well & will endeavour to pass on as much help as i receive. Best Regards Zemme
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