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  1. just drill some holes in the bottom of the panel, extend the leads and cable tie or velcro a 18ah on, lol
  2. Roy your banging your lone drum against a wave of experience & opinion. Ref the underlined - Ask them if their inspectorate & insurance company are happy for them to share engineering codes and engineering of panels with customers for DIY use & why they think it acceptable to leave a faulty system down for 72hrs+. These are HUGE issues you seem to have no grasp of yet feel it acceptable to question our questioning of the same. Your finding no favour with your replies so best call an end IMO. Good luck with your new unworking system your installer has left you with and your own effort to fix it whilst awaiting their return. C.
  3. don't think it's unfair at all. you understand the liability for fit for purpose and the insurance restrictions in place? you may be a NASA scientist but your not insured, qualified or 1st hand responsible. the clues in the code name as to who should have it, who should use it and you've invalidated al liability for the system and it's components. TBH the fact you've paid for a system and are posting for help over a bank holiday weekend speaks volumes. So much for industry standards such as dedicated 24/7 4hr response enforced by tha NSI & SSAIB when your left to google fix it on a DIY basis. Think I've said enough on the whole matter TBH.
  4. Most summer varieties have been developed to be milder in taste to suit the majority of modern bland palat. Try Scarlet Glode it's a 100year old variety so more likely to have retained the taste your after. Also try Black Spanish Round which is a winter variety (sow june-august) and certainly has the "bite" your after. You can get the above from www.organiccatalogue.com Make sure you pick your current crop as soon as ripe. Waiting for them to get too big will result in them drawing more water and dilution of the "bite" you want. Chorlton Tichmarsh
  5. no tbh. i use bt paperless billing but you can log in and download a pdf of your bill including itemisation FOC. you sure you ain't downloaded the summary bill (everything but itemisation's on it) ?
  6. hello & welcome just to clarify are you asking us to tell you how to disable your alarm? if so see here - http://www.thesecurityinstaller.co.uk/comm...p;f=11&id=8 C.
  7. that's just wrong. I assume McD's was closed or he forgot to pack pork pies. Calls himself a survival specialist and forgets pork pies, sausage rolls and scotch eggs, muppet! C.
  8. order , order ! duck house building, moat cleaning or 2nd home faux mortgages anyone? lol
  9. no i don't know the who owns every single brute registered i assume i know the ones with usernames similar to the forum names i know that a better reply ma lud?
  10. most folks user their user name or a verison of if not available hence chorlton1
  11. posted this on a few forums and getting completely whipped, lol
  12. http://chorlton1.mybrute.com
  13. being a national of a country has nothing to do with anyones race. the clue is in the name N stands for national - it's based on nationallity - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nationality race is something different IMHO - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Race_(classif...f_human_beings) i do agree that they are similar and in many peoples mind the meanings and differences may be a grey area One a slightly different note I feel this topic (although not in anyway related to the security trade) is perfectrly healthy discussion thus far and happy for it to remain ongoing so long as it doesn't cross the line into hate speech etc C.
  14. look here subby boy What does the B in BNP stand for? this ain't england lol
  15. yes; you get to pay more per head and receive less per head in return than us jocks, lol
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