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  1. You want to pass on the "cheapest" kit for mere/maximum profit with no knowledge of what your selling, grading, British or European standards (hence your Q) but question the ethics of the installers/service providers you ask and have asked the free advice of and brand the phrase "rip off" at us ?!?!?!?!?! Nobody says paying more assures better quality but even a deaf, dumb & blind kid could tell you they are assured a better quality car from Bently that TATA mate.To Avoid confusion your the TATA of the industry but unlike them don't even know what your selling?!?!?!?!?!?! Remember the advice given above and good luck selling on ebaY. I feel you won't get too much more free help from us TBH. C.
  2. 1 bed flast/bedsits cheap properties with cheap contents looking for cheap security the feel safer v be safer mentality C.
  3. Hi Matt Can't help but once you've made the magic number of "15" posts you can apply (FOC) to join the trade only sdide of the forum via the link below. c.
  4. don't see any prob in giving out user codes personally will it help?
  5. no harm done I assure you just trying to avoid an e version of WWIII. your battery should keep it going for hours (8ish) so somethings not right IMO do you know when the back up battery was last changed? if your a little iffy around electrics our advice will be of little use to be honest. there are other serice providers around maybe phone round for 3 quotes for a service & ask std battery prices at the same time? Only you really know if your upto DIY'ing a solution based on any advise given by us goood luck C.
  6. hello & welcome regards enginner / installation manuals - http://www.thesecurityinstaller.co.uk/comm...mp;f=4&id=8 + this is a security installer forum (clues in the domain name) your not gonna make friends or get help saying "massive summs for a quick fix" or similar as it sounds like your saying were crooks TBH c.
  7. http://www.thesecurityinstaller.co.uk/comm...p;f=14&id=8 Don't bother ,
  8. if the error says "your version of adobe reader cannot be used ti view files in a web browers" it may be you have adobe 8 and the file was written in version 4. scower the net for adobe 4, install it & try to download the manual again is my advice because this is exactly what just happened to me & it worked. If the above doesn't work site rules do not allow contact info (such as e-mail) to be posted on the board sorry. C.
  9. yeah sorry they sell direct ti JP under the other 2 brands but this - http://www.jewelfire.co.uk/ is the trade only site. not sure on minimum order qty's and carriage as I get a normally get a pallet or 2 at a time If your only after 1 box of 1000 & it's not posible direct PM me and I'll post them to you
  10. fastalarms if your USP is cheapest price you will loose them all the day someone elese USP is to be 10% cheaper than you. cheap prices = cheap customers & your low prices won't buy better relationships or loyalty (see above). bottom feeding means you need to eat 24/7 where as top feeding means you can afford to miss a few meals. no offence (free advice only) but anyone can be a busy fool. if your a 1 man band you need to earn equally for 3 - 1)your wage, 2) your running cost, 3) your profit margin - otherwise you will merely tread water. good luck C.
  11. is it a yale dog alarm? better having a yale dog alarm than no dog alarm at all. better having a snaggle toothed, one eyed, midget, bald, albino wife with BO & thrush than none at all.........no wait.....uuurrghh. would be a bit like me saying use firebreak for your fire alarm servicing because... um....well....were better than no servicing. not really the sort of USP that's washes on dragons den nor in the professional world of security system installation & servicing IMO but what do I know...christ I didn't even know dog alarms were so hightech until 10mins ago. C.
  12. Forget laws, insurance, claims etc I'm not talking about anything legal or technical. I'm saying: A ) You have an alarm in your house........ it is physically there on the wall and can be seen with the naked eye. B ) You say it is not there!?!?! the above is like a 3yr old with chocolate all over his face saying.... what cake...no mum never touched it....honest. Like I say wishing to make insurance claims etc is irrelevant to the material fact - you have it...... but - you claim not to have it.
  13. You "have" an alarm = FACT You "say" you do not to insurance = LIE Simple as. back to the topic of Yale
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