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  1. I have a partitioned system and I want to add an internal sounder to one of the partitions. I know that I can connect it into the same terminals as the external sounder but I only want to have it activated in a specific partition. I can configure it in the Wired Outputs as a siren but I'm unsure of the PCB connections. I want to use a Kinetic Quad Piezo Sound Bomb Internal Sounder KSB2 Can anyone help me? I've attached a diagram of the PCB layout if this helps. Thanks.
  2. Thanks guys for taking the time to reply. I hadn't thought about the bell delay but I take the point sixwheeledbeast made about there being a visible reminder. I suppose I could leave the panel lid open and jumper the panel tamper to make it really obvious if I remove the bell trigger. Whatever I do it's clear I need to think about what I want to achieve, how long it's going to take and try and not get side-tracked.
  3. I recently installed an i-on40H panel which is working okay but I want to do a bit of familiarisation and testing, however, I don't want to annoy the neighbours with the external sounder going off several times. I'd like to know if I can prevent this with a system setting. I know I can remove the bell trigger core but would prefer not to do it that way if possible. Thanks.
  4. Hi al-yeti and sixwheeledbeast Thanks for your replies. Spent the weekend comparing the Pyronix and Visionic systems and my brother has decided to go for the Pyronix Enforcer V10. Being ordered today for installation next week. Will provide an update after the installation
  5. My brother currently has 2 alarm systems, one in his house: Scantronic 500r, hard-wired external bellbox, 1 wireless PIR, 2 wireless door contacts and a remote control key fob This system is in permanent tamper mode due to the contacts frequently falling off the doors. The other one in his garage (recently installed after a break-in into the garage): Yale HSA 6400, wireless external bellbox, 1 wireless PIR and 1 wireless door contact The garage is detached but probably no more than 10 metres distance from devices to preferred location for control p
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