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  1. Afternoon all Going to see a customers new premises and they have sent me a photo of their alarm panel prior to my visit. Any ideas what model it is? Many thanks luke
  2. Hi all I'm currently looking at a CCTV design for a cemetery. Unfortunately it'e one of the edge of town cemeteries as a result of the churchyard full to the brim, and therefore theres no electricity. The customer would like a wireless battery system, but for what they want it for I don't think its going to work. They do have a shed which the NVR is likely to be located, and its got a decent sized roof for a solar panel, so I'm looking at a Solar solution to provide a 12V supply with a battery capacity for 18-24hrs backup. I'm aiming to use a low power NVR with built in POE, or a separate switch depending on power usage (seems like every Watt is going to count), and an LED monitor for playback. Currently got a couple of companies I want to contact for prices and designs, but thought I would see if anyone here has done anything similar, and if so who they used, and any feedback of the system. Many thanks Luke
  3. Useful, thanks I intend to put an offer code on the leaflet so i can attempt to lure hesitant homeowners with a small discount. This first batch will likely be around 1000 homes, and I think I'd take 2 leads first time of asking. 10 would be amazing though, I'll aim for the magical 1% lead generation.
  4. I'm currently knocking up a new leaflet to distribute around my area. Going to make full use of the Mrs being on maternity leave and give her something to do whilst she takes the boy out for a stroll in the pram! We live on a ten year old estate and in a recent power outage the number of alarms going into meltdown as their batteries hadn't been replaced in ten years was ridiculous. The number of bells still strobing after a month from no resets was even even more surprising. Since moving there I've had no end of neighbours asking for resets, services and quotes for new systems, so I'm sure I'll get a bit of business out of 30 quids worth of leaflets. Just wondered how any of you guys have found leafleting as a form of attracting new business? Luke
  5. Definitely the ladders! A few have said exactly that. I'm doing exactly as you say, high labour and no warranty, or you could use this kit... Works some of the time. Luckily most people fishing for labour on those trade sites mention they are wanting some garbage installing prior to buying the lead so saves a bit of money that way, have been bitten a couple of times though and had to fork out 8-9 quid for the lead only to find out it's a Yale system. I I suppose I was just venting really, I wasn't looking for an answer, but had two or three enquiries the other day and I had to get it off my chest else I'd have gone mad
  6. Hi all I'm getting more and more people asking for quotes to fit a Yale system that they have already purchased. I have convinced a few to take it back and have a decent installation for not too much more, but it really winds me up when people buy the so called DIY kits, then ask a security professional to fit it! I must admit, the majority of these come from sites such as ratedpeople and mybuilder, so I suppose it's expected, but there are a few calls with the same query. I can only image this is the same as popping into a Gordon Ramsey restaurant and saying 'oh, if you don't mind I've bought my own grub, could you stick it in the microwave and then make it look nice in a plate, ta' I was going to use Jamie Oliver for this comparison but from what I've heard, they use microwave meals anyway! Anyone else come across this? Luke
  7. Hi all My names Luke, just joined up after looking at the forum for a while. Been a big help at times! I'm working for a small firm but also do a few jobs on my own. Love to go it alone one day but you know what it's like! Anyway. Nice to meet you all Luke
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