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  1. Hi Logan , here is a pic of the ADE Concept RKP , lots of connections , the Concept 6 RKP is connected by a 4 core to the cpu , but best bet is to replace with a ADE G4 or similar.
  2. For completeness.. Security Lighting 6 panel is identical to Optima Compact , just a premium rate technical helpline on the back , just a rebrand.
  3. You could try removing the connection to the speaker , and just use the keypad tones...but you will loose high volume alerts and alarms.
  4. ts600p1-converted.pdf View File TS 600 user guide , Tunstall Security. Submitter FASTCAR Submitted 24/09/18 Category Menvier  
  5. Hi , I have added it to the downloads area , under the Menvier folder , it is pending approval.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    TS 600 user guide , Tunstall Security.
  7. I think its a stripped back version of the C+K Active 5 , sold through Wickes in the 1990's.
  8. Looks like a rebadged FVE Commander...Forward View Electronics. Not worth keeping. Regards.
  9. Look in the Installation manual in the Programming section under " resetting the non volatile memory (NVM) back to factory settings"
  10. First remove the strobe trigger wire at the alarm panel , this will show whether it is the panel triggering the strobe or faulty wiring , or finally the bellbox itself.
  11. I second that .. its a Flashguard.
  12. You can get 4 inch mylar 16ohms from CPC then just get a grill and paint to your desired colour.Also consider the room above when flush mounting..bit of a pain if its a kiddies bedroom.Take a look at the Lyntek Logo range , available as a 16ohm I believe , looks like a smoke detector.
  13. Make sure you havent inverted the bell output by mistake (options 01 , 6 )
  14. Most probably the RKP tamper , they are a bit tricky to get right .Look in the log , it should be displayed there.
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