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  1. Hi all, I've recently been given a dedicated micros ds2 which I'd like to get up and running. Can it be ran through a network without a display connected to the unit itself? If so, will the dedicated micros keyboard still work?
  2. Thanks James. How do I enable the star modifier?
  3. Does the galaxy G3 have a zone type similar to the keyswitch zone type where it only sets the system when the keyswitch zone is open? I need to be able to set a G3 from a panel in another building but the keyswitch zone type isn't ideal as it would also unset it when the main building is unset. Any ideas on if I can use the keyswitch zone type or if I should be using a custom zone?
  4. I'm replacing this panel with a galaxy soon, but I was just wondering who makes it and if it was any good? Putting the make and model number in on the Internet doesn't seem to give me any information on it. Thanks
  5. Evening, few questions for you all I have a galaxy classic panel installed for an external building at home. It has auto set enabled for mon-fri mornings. Sometimes I don't need autoset so how can I turn autoset off without having to log into engineers everytime? Also, how can I unprogramme a link? I have a strobe on an o/p programmed as strobe but I also have a link programmed so the strobe pulses in autoset pre warning but it doesn't stop pulsing afterwards when the system is set. Hope to have a reply soon, thanks.
  6. Evening all, I've recently changed the lounge and conservatory door contacts to Viper GL shocks, however I don't like the behaviour of the LED. It flashes when normal and goes off when the detector is activated. Is there a way to stop that behaviour? I'd only want the LED to come on when the detector is activated. I have 8 core cable running to each Viper. Thanks
  7. Technical have just emailed me back. They don't have the files available because it's a discontinued panel. Has anyone on here got the firmware?
  8. Technical have just emailed me back. They don't have the files available because it's a discontinued panel. Has anyone on here got the sofrware?
  9. Yeah, I'm quite happy to swap the G2-12 out and put a RIO there.
  10. Afternoon, I am a new member to this site, but I have followed it for ages. My house has a menvier TS900 installed with a node (10 zones) When I moved in, the external garage had no alarm so I went ahead and purchased a G2-12 and a MK7 keypad. The G2-12 was easy to install and program for a professional panel. It works very well (I'm an audio engineer and know my electronics very well). I have decided that its time to upgrade the TS900 and install something that's more future proof and not discontinued, I'd want the new panel to cover the house AND garage through the use of groups, but I have a few concerns and questions. I already know the workflow of the galaxy quite well even though its a professional panel. First off, all the cabling for the TS900 is 8 core alarm cable, same with the galaxy...would I need to change the keypad/expander cables for Belden cable? the G2-12 seems to communicate with the MK7 keypad fine with standard 8 core cable. Secondly, is it worth changing the internal loudspeaker for a hi-lo sounder since the loudspeaker only beeps in alarm? Thirdly, How would I go about setting up the groups? I'm probably over complicating this, I'd like a group for the house, and a group for the garage, however...I want both groups to act as separate alarm panels. Can the garage keypad be setup to only control the garage group? The house keypads would have access to both groups. When the garage is in alarm, it has a Master Blaster installed and I wouldn't want the bellbox on the house to activate while the garage is in alarm. I wouldn't want the keypads or internal loudspeaker to make any noise when the garage is in E/E mode either. Can that be done? I'm also worried that the system won't be user friendly when groups are setup as there would be a lot of different options when setting and unsetting. Lastly, I'd need quite a few outputs from the panel to turn on lights and send various signals out etc. Is there a transistorised output board available for the galaxy? I can only find a relay output board, but I already have relays installed where appropriate. Where can I get RSS from? Is it available for installers only? Hope I've made sense. Sorry for the long post! Thanks.
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