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  1. Make sure that Paul man buys the grub and keep him off the sauce .... he gets wile bad head after it
  2. 5 seats then Estate car or a kombi, the T6 Transporter on the 2ltr seem to be able to take the miles and very few issues I went for new connect L2 last January and has 35k on it now, been back once due to limp mode needed a complete SW reflash apart from that been ok, build quality is tat but that's like most modern vehicles, the older T4 Transporters were best vans ever look at the amount still going
  3. Remember the TVI needs to be Turbo to be 2.4MP to compare with Dahua 1080p, there are loads of TVI cameras out there but the quality of them leaves a lot to be desired 4k has been out a few months but the low FPS and the cost of equipment makes it expensive Try your local Alarm Supplies / Enterprise for Dahua HDCVI equipment
  4. Bout ya Also in N.I. down the north Coast
  5. Bout Ya Plenty good information on the forum North Coast based
  6. They had some old stock earlier in the year when I last spoke to them The Runner isn't bad panel, I installed a few These guys here - http://www.securitysystemshop.co.uk/epages/63968283.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/63968283/Categories/%22Wireless%20Alarm%20System%22 Also list the Runner stuff
  7. 24v Bosch which is 12 years old and still going but in new batteries 18v Dewalt / Milwalkie / erbaurer for the fixings side of it Time for a new SDS as the Bosch will **** itself some day, might just go for the erbauer 24v SDS its 2 years warrenty?
  8. 100m then a network extender or switch is needed RG59 to Ethernet adaptor will allow up to 500m on IP RG6 on HDCVI claims up to 700m Personal experience in the real world RG59 on HDCVI at 482m no issues on image or quality
  9. As already said depends on the application, CVI has the advantage of longer cable runs than IP I've installed a lot of CVI swapping out old analogue but I have also done a number of new installs and went CVI on RG59, Its personal choice
  10. I switched from using Hikvison to Dahua and have found zero difference in image quality at all, if anything I prefer the Dahua DVRs and APPS
  11. Luxrob I don't know where you got your information on HDCVI from but its incorrect, maybe you should actually do some research on your competition instead of using your "findings" of CVI / TVI to upsell your HDSDI Products I have installed HDSDI and rate it but I also install a lot of HDCVI which is 25fps @ 1080p, I have no issues with either apart from the cable limit on the HDSDI Your comparison of CVI being lesser quality and more restrictions than TVI / SDI are warranted on what ? HDSDI 1080p 25fps 100m cable on RG59 HDCVI 1080p 25fps 700m on RG6 500m on RG59 300m on CAT5e Control over COAX I don't see the lesser in the above? I can tell you in the real world I have a few HDCVI running at 418m on RG59 so I am happy with the claims on cable distance Just for comparison on your UNIVERSAL VECTUS DVR the dvr I use from Dahua is any channel HDCVI or Analogue or IP so true Tribrid @ 1080p I cant comment of TVI as I don't use Hikvision equipment
  12. Busted !!! Was collecting a right angled HDMI adaptor was as good as it gets Yep 2 lads from a CCTV install company were clearly bored and decided to make Maplins day by winding them up big time Must do same when im next in different area but i be looking 100 cameras for my chain of sex shops
  13. Was in local Maplin on monday collecting something and upon entry spotted all 4 staff standing at the CCTV section with 2 guys, i thought i have a nosey what they doing and they were on the hard sell ... the 2 guys were getting bombarded by 4 staff all chipping in the "merits" of the 960H System they were trying to sell, they were all excited as one begrudginly had to come to the till and serve me and another followed and commented to the guy behind till that this was gonna be a mega sale for the store and he had offered to come and fit it for them as well for free !! £1200 quids worth of total they were both mega excited, the 2 guys left in front of me and as i exited the store both were laughing as they jumped into a Van with CCTV Installations up the side of it
  14. Dump the router to start with, i replaced 2 of these last week and no issues with getting setup Are you using static IP or DDNS? Can you access DVR on LAN?
  15. Good old HH3 Type A i'd guess...what a crock of brown stuff https://community.bt.com/t5/Other-Broadband-Queries/Port-forwarding-and-Loopback-DO-work-YMMV/m-p/525363 Just one of the many threads, I have picked up a few HH3 Type B when out and about where customers have switched BB provider so always useful to carry about as it takes 2 mins to swap and sorts the issue Draytek are fantastic but as with swapping the original BT gear to any other router if a BB issue comes up BT blame installer HH5 is 100% , customers can ring BT and request upgrade to HH5, worth looking at equipment on inital survey and recommending its upgraded prior to install
  16. Bit of an update on this maybe usefull to someone, Connected a PAM10 audio isolation transformer between BT unit and amp and now working 100% Programed spare button on V8 handset to code 720 so now its direct to PA without having to scroll down menu to use PA
  17. What about the show the NEC are running this year in May? Excel is pain in butt to get to and flights cost more Will wait and see to nearer the time
  18. Yep popped out yesterday for another look and tried port 27 from 28 and same, BT state the PA amp must provide 600ohm for it to work which is what this amp on site has etc I've done a bit more digging and seems i need a Valcom VMT-1 to sort the problem so will get one ordered this morning and see what happens Thanks
  19. Dont touch telecoms but this was on a site for a friend and already did all the Security and PA etc Need to connect BT system to PA....so purchased a PA Amplifier from Eagle with TEL inputs, 3 terminals marked TEL but my BT system has 2 wires out, tried various configerations and all im getting is a intermitent beep beep as if its an engaged line over the amplifier BT zero help as system out of maintaince and has been moved from one site to another Have gone over the manual for BT programing and its all set up right and pages the extension which is hooked to amplifier but zero audio Nothing in Eagle Amp menu in advance
  20. As for enforcement ive seen plenty of cases for the intruder side but nothing for CCTV yet
  21. Your right MrH it was ITEC but did they not become artech in later years? I used to install tons them
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