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  1. Your sort of barking up the right tree re Openreach only over in Norn Iron it goes by the big initials.
  2. Hi all, Please bear with me on this, it's my first post and I've limited knowledge on alarm systems. I self installed a 9948+ some years ago, it has door/window contacts and PIRs feeding into it - all works well and has a autodialler too. The street lighting in my estate has been changed to LED and it's left all the houses in the shadows. I want to improve my security particularly when the alarm isn't set; It dawned on me that the alarm has a chime function that can be set to ding anytime. So, is a IR beam detector (or 2) the way to go to 'protect' my drive and back garden during unset alarm condition (with a chime) and what happens when the alarm is full/part set ? Does triggering the IR beam then set of a full alarm (not really what I want). For example, at night I have a part set program that leaves out the hall PIR only. Ideally I'd like that to continue but the IR beams to just chime if activated. Any pointers will be gladly accepted!! James
  3. Just saying hi to all, I'm not a professional alarm installer but have mostly managed to get my own Scantronic 9448+, autodialler and RKP working. Main hobby is european touring on my motorbikes - there is a topic where I can maybe offer advice !! Other than that I survey new properties for their communications supply (not what customers put on the end of the wires). James
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