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  1. Thanks all, I went for Hik HQHI 8 channels in the end, it seems a solid DVR. I believe it also supports 2 x IP but not sure if these are in addition to the 8 x BNC?
  2. Thanks, I guess I may need to reconsider..TVI seems to be much more available. Apart from Hikvision and Dahua are there any other reliable TVI dvr's that you could recommend? Anyone had experience with Triax TVI?
  3. Perhaps you as a Trade can source better prices but most of web sites I searched SDI seems more expensive and claim superior image quality, but very similar to TVI. At the end of the day if SDI was good enough for the broadcasting industry it surely will do a job for a small domestic application. I am not too worried about the format longetivity at the moment as ripping out existing RG59 cables (industrial quality with siamese) would be too big job. By the time I need to upgrade again it will most likely be IP based, but will cross that bridge when I get to it.
  4. Based on my own research through Google I am leaning towards HD-SDI even though the equipment is more expensive than TVI/CVI. Once upgraded I will not replace it for a few years and by then there will be a few more standards to think of ;-) Don't fancy IP based solution for now. If I can run reasonably priced AHD 1080P cameras on Vectus that would fit the bill for now unless someone can recommend HD-SDI cameras that are not too expensive (1080P)?
  5. Sorry, are you saying that AHD cameras (being analogue) will work on an HD-SDI hybrid DVR that also support analogue? Thanks
  6. Thanks both. I thought CVI had lower quality image when compared with SDI and TVI? Please forgive me but can AHD cameras be used with SDI DVR? I am not worried about cable length limitations as the runs as short max 25-30m.
  7. I am planning to upgrade my existing Cop Security 16 channel Inspire Blue DVR which alterEgo (thanks again alterEgo) helped me setup a little while back with something newer but I am thorn between different standards and find it hard to choose between HD-SDI and HD-TVI. I have been looking at Vectus G series HD-SDI and Hikvision / Dahua HD-TVI 8 channel DVR's and wonder what would be your recommendation. My existing cameras are not great so will need to replace these too (Vista, Genie and Ganz 600/700TVL). Looking at HD-DSI and HD-TVI camera prices it seems the HD-SDI are much more p
  8. I have updated firmware on the router and iPhone, not sure whether there is anything newer than V1.5.3 available for the dvr? Unable to swap the router at the moment,but will give this a try asap. If anyone has details of some demo sites preferably running on the inspire blue dvr or willing to let me connect to test as a guest that would be great. 3G is really poor in my area so the apps would not even connect through it.
  9. Thanks Aaron! I had to expand DHCP range as I had it set up to 50 so 200 was out of it. Have you tried to access the dvr from an iPhone and what app did you use? 'Aplayer' and 'meyeprov2' are still crashing so I guess it could well be something to do with my wireless?
  10. Good point digitalwitness! Forgotten the basics, now updated the router to the latest firmware, iPhone to 4.32, but can't find any firmware on the Cop-Security web site under downloads section,btw the dvr is running on software V 1.5.3 and it's h/w V 1.3.0.Does anyone know if there is a newer firmware available for this dvr? Still need to test after installing these updates.
  11. Apps also crash when connected via local wi-fi and by using dvr's actual IP. pm sent, thanks alterEGO!
  12. Bandwith should be OK as it worked on an old 4 channel Ganz DVR through 'eagleye' app it was streaming all 4 screens rock solid. The aplayer and meyeprov2 both crash even when the iphone is connected via wi-fi and positioned next to the router so I would rule signal & speed out.
  13. Yes, it's a dynamic IP, however I don't think it has ever changed (not that it's guaranteed that it won't in the future), every time I re-sync the router I get the same IP (Used the same IP to manage the router over the web, although I don't like to keep this option on). I use the router's IP and port 7050 to connect from iPhone rather than the internal one that's assigned to the dvr which is also masked by NAT. Rebooted the router today, it made no difference, though I can still connect with aplayer / meyeprov2, but both apps will close after a few secs only, sometimes during startup. Also
  14. Thanks ADI and alterEgo! Downloaded DMSS (the free one),but it would not even connect where aplayer and myeyeprov2 do. Hmmm, tested status of the ports I used for Inspire and they are all showing as closed (according to ping.eu and yougetsignal.com)so I am puzzled.. I have added services for Inspire DVR (command, video, http and iphone)as well as Firewall rules for each in the Netgear DGN2000 all pointing to the DVR's ip address: and to allow access. The router is used as DHCP and has NAT enabled.I also reserved the above ip address for the DVR under LAN setup. Btw, I have us
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