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  1. Thanks for this. The wires however appear to be too short, which is potentially why they just detached as soon as I opened the unit. I will need to extend them as there is no slack. Is there a special kind of telephone wire to do this? I have some cable at home but it has instructions about green/white wires being attached etc., and not red and green wires? Is it a simple enough job of twisting a new cable with the same red and green colours together with the current cable?
  2. Thanks for that, and I did think it was something to do with the phone line. Sorry but a total novice here, what do you mean by "line connections"? Is there a particular place where those wires must go into? Ok so should I just leave the battery as it is for a while to recharge. It was removed from the panel, perhaps for an hour yesterday
  3. Hi there,I have my Visonic alarm not working at the moment, with errors low CPU battery and line connection failure. This is due to some wiring issues in the control panel unit. I have a red and green wire which have been dislocated, and I cannot find any information on where they go. I also get errors of low CPU battery and line connection failureI attach some images, and was wondering whether someone could help? The red and green wires are right at the top of the pic.
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