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  1. @PeterJames how do I contact you? I am not allowed to message you. Again thank you to everyone who has commented and offered advice
  2. Thank you for your answers and points. I will visit the store to see the size of the contacts. I did like the surveyors attitude towards maintenance and the lack of pressure selling. One hopes that as the Agility is their recommendation, that they would be able to program the panel well. I agree that I'd rather have some use a piece of kit that they are familiar and well-versed in, rather than trying this out on us. Many thanks Dv
  3. Hi, We would like a professionally installed alarm system and have therefore contacted a local NACOSS installer, this company has been in business since the mid 80s and has a small high street shop. Their surveyor came last night and recommended a Risco Agility 4 system, they have a package that we could upgrade from so the PIRs could have a camera etc... We have a 1930s 3-bed semi, with a new extension at the rear, the surveyor recommended a PIR for the front room, one for the hall, one for the landing, one for the open-plan extension and a front door contact. There ar
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