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  1. Oh, it gets better James, for the privilige of just doing your job, having the temerity to own a company ec you have to pay! This is done on a sliding scale, bigger pays more. They have full time inspectors with statutory powers and even have a section on the PSA web site to reports the evil miscreants who may be installing without a licence. So, anyone having an unmarked bell box is now asking for a 'knock on the door' from the stazi/inspectors. I suppose it may just be a way of eliminating the cowboys and the prats who did the install at the school you posted up earlier,,,but whether it works i suppose only time will tell. Andrew
  2. First of all, my background is Access control, not Intruder. However, our company is Dublin based so we are subject to the various rules and regulations. The most important of which is (so i'm led to believe) all security installs in the Republic of Ireland MUST now be carried out by a registered installer. This is not a trade ruling, it is the Law and is policed as such. No longer is it allowed for 'my mate next door' to fit the system, it must be a registered ompany. Obviously, this will have a potential impact on any insurance claim, if made. www.psa.gov.ie gives further information. This is not just for door supervisors, it is all forms of security. Andrew
  3. Keyswitches - cheap, keys not secure, does a job Prox Readers: More functionality, secure - you know who has been issued tokens. More programmable, Will require a model that gives latch/toggle function. Which version - stand alone or PC linked?? Cost would be a key decider here. If an Access Control system is already in place then it could be modified but stand alone units would still be the cheaper option. Please ask if you require details. Andrew
  4. When Rentokil hit problems with 'the City' a year or so back and got rid of all the senior management -one of whom is the current chairman of Farepack (allegedly) if i'm not mistaken - it was announced then that all divisions were available at the right price. That no one came in tells a story. Now they are making it public again suggests, at least to me, that they are now keen to offload, especially as Mitie bought the manned division recently. As for who may buy, who knows, does it have to be the usual suspects though?? What about Facilities managent companies? some of the large American conglomerates?? It's interesting that none of the venture capital boys don't seem to be interested. Andrew
  5. Not sure i'm comfortable with that 'feature', especially when the model i saw had the mains input unprotected and very close to the lid. Hinges do do not give good earth continuity. Andrew
  6. If its the same as one an end user bought recently that we saw i would be reluctant to go anywhere near it. Open the lid and the mains connections were totally unprotected and too easily accessible. The lid/cover did not have any earthing straps and/or terminals. It also had a very suspect CE label on it. When the customer enquired about the earthing issues, LJD allegedly said it wasn't a problem has the hinge was metal. At this point the site electricians refused to allow them to be fitted and had them returned. Being a key component of any system, i would that the psu should not be chosen solely because it seemed like a bargain or worse, cheapest available. Another point to consider with a 16way psu. One or two outputs may fail but you have a major disaster if the transformer or pcb should fail. Andrew
  7. Ouch! i was trying to keep branding out of this thread. The original post suggested - at least as i read it - that T&A was the main driver, with Biometric readers. This is NOT access Control. I'm not allowed to comment on the other product ranges, I'll leave that to Drew for his products. I can say though that we too have T&A built in to our product including the new enhanced module, and yes, we too offer free training, but the original enquiry did suggest T&A was the key driver. Other features/requirements also come into play here too...especially if management take disciplinary proceedings. Nowt like a stroppy shop steward to quote the rules and regs. EWTD, Visual verification on a display of time staff clocked in, Absenteeism etc. And it is amazing how biometric readers suddenly become 'unreliable' when staff decide they don't like the new regime. Regards Andrew
  8. We have sites across the UK using the handreader for both T&A and Access Control - often with antipassback (to ensure everyone plays by the rules). You are quite right in suggesting the handreader against finger reader for 'harsh' environments. However, as you are already fitting cameras to monitor for 'buddy punching', it might be worth checking with the customer to see if a card based system is the more viable option. 1. They may be considering Access Control/already have it. 2. There is an administrative overhead with all biometric options - managing the templates. 3. Biometrics are not cheap. Also, how does the customer intend using the system?? Self administration, linked direct to a T&A system etc Hope this is of help Regards Andrew
  9. Yep Worked straight out of the box. Nothing spectacular, but des what i need it to. Andrew
  10. For what it's worth, I use to have ZoneAlarm Internet Security suite. Worked a treat both from home and whilst using WiFi and 3g on the road. Then IT formatted laptop and installed Norton - then you find ink and quill with carrier pidgeon is a quicker mode of communication. Finally managed to disable the resource hog Norton, and no easy feat either. Now back with ZoneAlarm Sec Suite and all well again, no matter which connection i'm on. Andrew
  11. Hi Richard Afraid i can't really help you on this one. Our products are 'Access Control' as opposed to 'Door Entry'. Also i know little about the Terraneo range of products but i'm sure there will be someone knowledgeable enough on here to help/assist. Andrew
  12. Funnily enough, the ACT10 is my favourite too...but then i would say that. B)
  13. Hi Ian, Kind words...you'll have me blushing Back to reality now - end of the roadshows
  14. The very same Garry. I have to say, you're a very proud man to show the LUFC badge after the weekends non performance.
  15. Hi Folks Hoping to help raise the profile on the Access Control front and increase representation of manufacturers Anyone wanting information/advice on Access Control Technology (ACT) products please feel free to ask and i'll do my best to assist Andrew
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