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  1. Morning, are you still a plan partner? I work for an electrical company and have a job in West London that needs some work on. Very minimal. We have relocated some devices that need decommissioning on the local PC as they do not read the cards since the controllers have been powered down and back up again

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    2. NotHeardofThat1


      Good morning.

      Yes we are, as it happens I've just arrived in west London to sit in a cupboard for the rest of the day to wire up 12 doors 3 plan panels. :rolleyes:

      Leave me your contact details and we'll get it sorted.

    3. westie


      Hi, where are you based ? i need some xplan work doing. maintenances in birmingham. 

    4. westie




  2. Hi James, thanks for the reply. Yeah i'm sure it is as I can open and lock the door from the pc. I spoke to someone who worked with plan a few years ago and he seem to think I might need to set up the programmer to the correct card format? Or possibly there is a link jumper that needs removing to add cards? Although I don't know how to do either of them!
  3. Hi i've found myself caught up in an xplan system that was only meant to be a case of repositioning a few readers and doors etc. Yesterday one of the controllers was powered down and had no battery back up and since being turned back on none of the original cards work. My knowledge of plan is 0 and would really appreciate some help. The controller is linked to a pc and upon advice I have tried to re send the card information from the pc to all controllers and add the cards at the controller itself but it just will not work. The cards work on the other controllers on the system.
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