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  1. A good customer has asked me to check her sons new house. The previous occupant had left what looks a reasonable system - 868mhz and also seems to be two way monitoring. But, when trying to register the system on his phone it shows that its already registered elsewhere. So, I presume there's a reset sequence? Anyone know how?
  2. I've got some 5m telescopic and they're "ok". Yes they are flexible at full extension, but they're convenient... especially for those jobs where getting ladders to the rear of a property is awkward. Oh, and they were only £70 of ebay!
  3. Thanks for this. Yes this could be a solution. How much data would you think is needed each month - occasional remote viewing - perhaps 20/30 mins per day?
  4. Thanks, that's what I imagined as it seems common now for folk to use these adapted firestick things. I'll stick to freeview and sleep easy
  5. This is very helpful - thanks. I'm sure the guy knows more about all this Internet stuff, so he should be well placed now. I do so much appreciate you helping like this.
  6. He's had his VPN for a while - he was quick to demonstrate the vast access to literally thousands of TV channels, but needs to "hide" behind a VPN (probably makes more sense to you than me...I just have freeview which gives me what I need!) However his cctv is new and he's not been able to get it running despite showing an Internet connection...and thought I may be able to help. I said not me, but suggested I may be able to find someone who can! Thanks again for any pointers you can give.
  7. I don't know who set up his VPN, or how it is configured. In truth I know nowt about them! I'll call to see him when I'm in his area later this week and try to gain more info. Thanks for the help you've been able to give again.
  8. I understand he is using a hard wired Sky broadband but uses a VPN to protect his firestick viewing.
  9. I not particularly expert on computers and the Internet, so a question from one guy leaves me in the position where I need to ask you experts... A customer has a cctv system using the (dare i say it) xmeye software. However, despite the system apparently having a good Internet connection (via mains booster sockets, rather than hard wired ethernet cable), he cannot get access on his phone when he scans the serial number QR code. He has said he uses a VPN to hide his location as he has some remote TV access via a fire stick. Is this the reason for his trouble, and should he do something different? Thanks in advance for your help!
  10. I've realised I haven't updated this. Ok, the solution... The DVR was replaced and the images are perfect. So, the suspect quality control of Sannce is the cause. Thanks again for all the help you gave, it has been very much appreciated.
  11. Cheers James. So you can see the video? That's great. The DVR shows 1080p, and I recall the cameras also being 1mp 1080p (I'll be able to check this when I return to the customers house). So, lower quality cameras might be the solution? I suppose if I'm going to get asked to look at CCTV regularly, I should attend one of the ADI events and get clued up! Cheers Thanks also SWB. I'll propose that the cameras are moved.
  12. Thanks for this... obviously I'm out of my depth with this. I've not got all the paperwork with me, but I know the DVR is "analogue" and understood the cameras were too. However the question of tvi/cvi is unknown. There IS a picture (it's a shame my small video file was not viewable to you all) but it's showing hazy interference. Would I still get a picture if the tvi/chi was incorrect? Thanks again to you all for your help.
  13. Thanks Nova. The DVR has a built-in monitor and the images are identical when viewed online. It does seem that either the signals to the DVR are suspect, or it's the DVR itself that is processing the signal incorrectly. Thanks for your help
  14. Thanks for the reply, much appreciated. Ok, I'll wire another camera into it, and see how the image is, before getting the ladders out... If I can prove a good image with a replacement cable, then it could be happy days :-) Perhaps I'll be sticking to my 30 years in security systems rather than poking my nose into the magic of CCTV! Thanks again for your help.
  15. Thanks for the reply. Obviously my knowledge is inferior to yours, but a relative has a similar set up, and there's is crystal clear - same cameras and DVR. I presumed there's something interfering with the signal somewhere? I understood HIK vision cameras were ok? Cannot really respond about Sannce. Maybe I should suggest he changes his DVR? May prove if the issue is the cameras/cables or DVR itself... Cheers
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