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  1. Are you sure it's using nvt hence the catv.
  2. Hi if your still looking for engineers we can help, have CSCS cards IPAF public liability and have experience in analogue cctv, IP based systems, intruder and access control. You can visit our website www.sfesolutions.co.uk or pm me we are based in the Gatwick area.
  3. Give me a call or drop me an email we hold all that you need and are chas registered. email should be on my profile.
  4. Hi I'm based on the sussex surrey boarder and we work as a team of two, pm me for a chat.
  5. I'm in the southeast will do London and home counties. Did put southeast under topic, thought it would come out clearer.
  6. Did put area under the title I'm in the south east. Will cover M25 and home counties.
  7. Hi guys contract work needed can do CCTV, Access control or intruder. Day rate or price work. Have all tools and insurance.
  8. As I said don't do many domestics mainly contract to others on bigger commercials so don't really do that much call out and then it's normally out of hours where something needs a refurb after muppet builders have totally butchered half the system.
  9. thanks mate this was Kingston only really did it because it was on the way home from London and yep did include vat. Perhaps I should just be a bit more ruthless (as my better half keeps saying it costs her more to have her hair cut and she has to travel to them).
  10. Was upfront With call out charge whole job including pir £75 quid do you think that's expensive for domestic.
  11. So today I get a call, somebody with a fault on their alarm system open circuit on zone. It's not one of my systems and they have no contract with anyone else. So gave then a price for a call out which they accepted and said parts would be extra. when I arrived found pir stuck permanently open changed it tested system all okay. Gave them the bill plus detector which I charged £15 for. Then they started trying to haggle saying the call out they had had before was only £30 including parts. Anyway I didn't budge and they paid. My point is I didn't charge a huge amount and was probably cheap
  12. I wonder how you put privacy zones on that then?
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