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  1. We did this using a Risco wireless receiver. Easy job as the panel was a 601. What panel is installed in the pub?
  2. Up here you can use debt collectors. We use legal collectors. Customers have to learn.
  3. 10% of invoice or whatever you agree. Looking back over the past year £400 £220 £4825 £1900 23k Tbh our recovery agents are good imo. Well worth the money and no hassle. With the last one all Comms was cut and we were at the company ready to obtain our equipment. Using a 3rd party was good imo.
  4. Normally all is sorted when our recovery agents phone and have a chat. God knows what they say but the issue always gets sorted before court.
  5. I would have taken pictures and send him an invoice. If not paid hand it to the debt collection agency along with his terms etc. This is in our terms.
  6. I know this system has been going for a while but instead of an alarm system with D/C and PIR on every door will the internal PIR with video do the job? Imo this system connected to the control room is a better option.
  7. Ok Alarmscot. We must work in the same area?
  8. Price wise their Lightsys and Agility is spot on and there is profit to be made. PM me for prices. Panels are rock solid imo but iv used them for 15 years and any bugs have been sorted.
  9. Most new builds here have a spur next to mains for the alarm. Cable up to external bell and all wireless. I don't like it but customers expect wireless these days. No part P here and never had a problem.
  10. I am a big Risco fan but I believe most on here don't like Risco. Their bells are rock solid and only had 1 XS3D faulty in 6 years. Low end panels such as 480 and CPX are good for the money with built in speech dialler. 600 panel is solid . Their new B Ware detectors are easy to wire, set up and install. The Lightsys and Agility 3 are very good panels plus I would say the wireless is the best out there. Remember you can connect cameras to the Lightsys and agility adding extra security. I'm waiting for the Risco bashers now....
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