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  1. From managers menu option 41
  2. Buy cheap buy twice! Fitting cheap DIY systems from the limes of B&Q/Screwfix is an advertisement to the local crooks that you have **** security, why not just get a company in to quote for a monitored system therefore you can just have a wireless internal siren and a dummy on the outside but if it's from a reputable company it shows you care about securing your property, it may not cost as much as you think plus with a maintenance contract if there is any issues you have access to correctly trained engineers. Why not post your location here and see if any of the guys here could offer you a quote
  3. The ADT rapier is screen printed although many we're supplied blank mainly for some of the banks. I would go with the rapier I think it looks a bit classier.
  4. I'd suggest if that's the case you just get a few quotes and go with what those companies recommend rather than what you ask them to fit! I'm sure if you put your location there maybe somebody on here who covers your area.
  5. Have you definitely connected the battery leads to the correct connection on the panel marked up as batt and not connected to the normal 12vdc output, failing that possibly you have a load of duff batteries, have you checked the charging voltage and current?
  6. ADT now do an interactive security system that has an app, it has plugs that can be controlled remotely to turn on lamps and is based on a Visonic it looks a tidy bit of kit but not sure of the price
  7. I know what my answer would be and it would end with 'off' but if you do decide to take up the offer make sure you tell your insurance company as chances are you're not covered for business use if it's a private car.
  8. Some scantronics need a zero before the engineer code, I'm not that clued up on that version so I may be wrong but it's worth a try.
  9. As above, hold the tamper switch in and try to clear engineer mode, I'd this works then check the back plate failing that pack it out with a bit of tape works for me
  10. The only way you will get an alarm for that cost is to look for a company that fits them cheaper but locks you into a monitoring/maintenance contract, other than that the Yale route is about your only option but don't expect to get much advice about that kind of system on here as this is a forum for professional installers.
  11. Do you know when the battery was last replaced? I have seen a cooked battery drag the system down like that. If the service provider is not responding I would suggest looking for a better one, there are plenty of companies who are able to maintain that system.
  12. The fobs are programmed through the user codes
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