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  1. Thanks Andy. Appreciated, and you were right, although there's a little more... So for the future benefit of anyone suffering the same problem, and to save you trawling the web the way I have done this morning, here's how to fix it and get back to 'customer mode': I suggest reading this first, because if you don't press the buttons quickly in the right order, it goes back to the error message. 1) key in 0 then engineer code then press enter (the tick), but DO THIS FAST. If you're slow, it reverts after the 4th digit. If it says "installer mode",then 2) press 99 enter (again, FAST) If it say
  2. Hi Al. Yes (replaced the tamper), but no to any additional codes. If that's the problem i.e. that the code for the tamper is different, then that's also my answer. I hadn't considered it might be an entirely different code.
  3. Apologies for reposting what others have experienced, but in my case I do have (what is supposedly) the engineer's code, and I'm still being locked out. Display: "Reset Required > Sound Tamper" Lights: Power LED (green), Service LED (red) I've tried typing in both the Engineer's code, and my own but in both cases the display says the code is invalid. I suspect I already know the answer ("the Engineer's code you have isn't the right one"), but I'm just posting in case I've missed an RTFM moment, such as 'press x, then key in the code'. I'm not hopeful, but I'd be a fool not to even ask i
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