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  1. Did you check the back tamper was closed, if he fitted the back plate upside down then the back tamper would never work unless the sensor was also fitted upside down.
  2. You've asked for two things which are against the forums rules. No defaulting info, or codes
  3. I'd say they use a lot of Inner Range kit for intruder and access control, it's an Australian product, I've used it a couple of times in the UK.
  4. Have you got tones switched on on the Dialler on the phone, the SD1 needs either pulse dialling or short duration tones. Also the 8 button should be pressed for about 1 second.
  5. http://www.electronics-tutorials.ws/electromagnetism/hall-effect.html
  6. The static IP address for your device will be a local network address, just pick one in range and enter it in the dvr then forward the ports to this address. Your static IP from your ISP will be the address that the APP/Software uses to gain access from outside your local network.
  7. You need to use your public IP address and set up port forwarding on you router, just google your router and port forwarding and make sure you use the public IP address not you local IP address.
  8. You'll also need your public IP address not your Local IP address. Your public IP address should also be static which you can buy from you internet provider.
  9. I wouldn't say slating him just saying it's cheap and in their experience cheap means, the job gets thrown in. I say again if you're happy then go for it, no one can tell you whether to use him or not, unless they personally have come across his work before.
  10. If you are happy with the quote and the company installing the systems, then go for it. People on here are just giving you their professional opinion that the quote is cheap, they're not trying to poach the work. Me personally I'd go for a wired alarm if it can be cabled and by the sound of it, it can. So to sum if you're happy with the quote, the equipment and the install company then give them the order to do the job. But make sure his price includes a warranty.
  11. Either that or it's setup for engineer reset after tamper
  12. How are you checking the alignment. The beams I've used before either had led indicators or you had to use a volt meter to measure an output and get the output into a certain range, different led's or voltages meant different alignment strength. There must be a method to check with this type of beam, perhaps they aren't aligned correctly.
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