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  1. Lewis Integrated Sec

    Subcontractors Available

    Subcontractors available for works covering london / south east. Over 16 years experience, from projects to temp works. Contact Lewis Integrated Security Ltd.
  2. Lewis Integrated Sec

    Sub- contractor required Birmingham

    Apologies - Duly Noted Thank you
  3. Lewis Integrated Sec

    Sub- contractor required Birmingham

    Hi there - we will be more than happy to help. You can contact me on Kindest Regards
  4. Lewis Integrated Sec

    CCTV and EAS Sub contractors required

    Hi Paul, We can help you with this. We are a Security company based in south England - covering London, Herts, M25, Surrey, Berks etc. Do you have a contact number we can contact you on?
  5. Lewis Integrated Sec

    Fire and Security - Working Abroad

    Hi - Sorry to jump on someones post - however we are looking for works overseas also aswell as projects UK based. I can send over our details also if you are still looking
  6. Lewis Integrated Sec

    CCTV Sub Contractors

    Hi, I know this post was from a year ago = but if you are still looking for Subbies / Teams please feel free to give us a shout and we can send over some of our information to you Thanks Lewis Sec

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