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  1. Yeah I'm trying to keep my soon to be old shorrock system going lol
  2. Yeah thats the model I'm after, I do prefer them If you've got any that are due to come down I'd be more than happy to give you my money for it lol, when I remove it I will keep it and use it myself I do have a youtube channel as well and I make videos on alarms
  3. This is the Shorrock 170 which is the bell box I'm on about
  4. There is a metal pentagon shorrock to which is bigger and is 125db loud the polycarb pentagons are initial. The metal pentagon shorrock 170s have a horn siren the shorrocks that have the friendland bells in are the older blue shorrocks. But if you have any gen Shorrock boxes for replacement I'm more than delighted to come down and pick it up Sorry mate the shorrock bell box that your talking about are the old 70's blue one and I do have one somewhere and I plan on repainting it as I would like to get it preserved on my wall of bell boxes
  5. It will be soon as It's on my girlfriends house who's abroad at the moment and she wants the system upgrading and she knows that I collect alarms as well as fitting them for a living. I basically work for myself and I do enjoy it
  6. Yeah I suppose I could but firstly I'm just going to ask around to see if anyone does have one that still works. I was going to post this topic in wanted items but I can't access it
  7. Evening all, I just want to put this out to you guys and I'll really appreciate it if anyone can help me out on this but I've been looking after an old Shorrock security system and I really like it and I pretty much don't want to replace it as it's still going strong and yesterday when I done a bell box test I noticed the external siren didn't work anymore. The bell box is an old Shorrock 170 metal pentagon shaped bell box and there basically my favourite bell boxes. If any one has one for sale going cheap or is going to be replacing one can I please have it as I will not change my bell box to anything modern and a Shorrock 170 is what I prefer to use as I'd like to keep my Shorrock system original and I'd like to have another Shorrock 170 as I find they really keep the burglars at bay. I look forward to hearing from you and If anyone has a Shorrock 170 bell box for sale I'm more than happy to buy it off them. Best regards Thorn
  8. Yes mate my Uncle has a license but next week hes giving that job up to work with street lighting
  9. I got a bit of copper which I'm going to sell for scrap No, but my Uncle does
  10. Yes mate I have I got a bit of copper which I'm going to sell for scrap
  11. It does have 1ft long cable going to the panel and it doesn't work mate. This system was removed from a building that was getting demolished and I got first dips into the alarms I even saved to Pyronix Deltabells
  12. Tbh Its second hand and the panel says Accenta 8 mini on the front I've tried turning it off and on again but doesn't seem to be working
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