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  1. Are you still looking for contractors? Based in Reading Berkshire. 

  2. We are currently looking for good experienced sub contract engineers. We are based in Midlands and have work in this area as well as further north and south. If you are interested please message back. CSCS and IPAF are essential
  3. Any subbies available for work in Midland and also possibly London area. Must have CSCS and IPAF. For more info please get in touch.
  4. If you have removed the bell hold, black wire in your pic and bell did not ring then like others have said either the bell box battery is faulty or like also said probably not connected. Either way you are going to have to get to bell and have a look. Normally two screws either side under a cover to match bell box cover. Remove the cap undo the 2 screws, bell should ring when you remove cover. You should then see probably a green cylinder battery on left, check it is wired to batt pos and neg, if so get details off battery and google for a nèw. CPX are generally a good reliable domestic a
  5. The ones we are using are the cqr with locating tab, all wired and fitted as per instructions, yet when door is opened and closed sometimes go tamper o/c and sometimes masked. I have spoke to manufacturer and as I have said I am being told its latetal movement in the door, yet it comes down in guides aided by wheels running in the channel and there is very little movement. The magnet slots straight into the lining slot. I have two sites with issues and different doors, one site has 120 door contacts fitted, so not a small problem!
  6. I believe there is an under lying issue with G3 contacts. I have spoke to 3 other installers in our area, all have issues and never got them reliable. I have spoke to the manufacture we are using and have been told problems being caused by lateral movement......... you always get lateral movement in roller doors......come on guys give us something reliable or accept we cannot meet the standards.
  7. Problem was being caused be the zone cables within the contact shorting to metallic housing and thus being fixed to metallic building putting a 0v onto steel work and then being picked up on the branch lines. Found dead shorts between data lines and earth. Doh!
  8. Just to clarify then, are you saying rather than use the tamper loop of the contact just use the mask part, does this still meet g3 requirement?
  9. Nice to see not alone then. We put it down to the door not always stopping in same place and so sometimes misinterpreting this as interference.
  10. Does anyone else have issues when using G3 roller door contacts. We have issues on two sites where we have such contacts. We have 2 per door. They randomly go fault, mask and open circuit. Fitted to a galaxy and wired and mounted as per instructions. Any ideas?
  11. On a grade 3 system, is there anything in regs about if a roller shutter is about 3.5m wide it requires contact's on either side. Some jobs it has been asked for others say not. I know that if you put more than one contact on it would have to be on same zone.
  12. Could somebody clarify what signals need to be sent to arc for the various systems. Obviously pa, if fitted, intruder, open close, power fail, zone exclude and confirmed. From what I can see the only difference between 2 and 3 is that on 2 tamper can be signalled as intruder where as 3 it has to go as tamper and then fault. Can someone provide clarification.
  13. Many thanks a nice friendly bunch
  14. Just to say hi, I am a fire and Security installer from the East Midlands area
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