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  1. HA Yeah I guess it is. I suspect it costs loads and that's why they are trying to do their own.
  2. Not sure what datalog is if i'm honest. It's a custom bit of software that we have a programmer designing.
  3. The boss has commissioned someone to build some software that integrates several different systems into one user interface and hes asked me to look into the regs side of things with the alarm integreation. Its going to be a bit of software so it would be on a screen showing alarm zone status but not armed status as I'm sure thats not allowed. I don't mind trawling through the regs but not sure which ones to read
  4. Just looking to clarify something. We are building a bit of software were we want to see the zone status of all zones through the software for a manned guard station type scenario. We are looking at using the SIA signals as inputs but I was wondering what the regs are on seeing Intruder Alarm zone status via third party equipment/software. I know obviously that keypads shouldn't be shown past 30 secs so this is making me wary about other devices/software showing any alarm information. Anyone know the reg numbers I need to look up?
  5. Went last year for the first time. Can't say i thought it was worth it so doubt ill be going again this year.
  6. I would say the police response is pretty good with PA signals though from my experience anyway. I damaged a PA cable once about 3 years ago when doing some electrics and they were there in less then ten minutes and it was a relatively out of the way property aswell.
  7. I would think most approved firms use the option via SSAIB or NSI were you can pay i think its about £100 a year and you can access secure copies of all regs on there website. You can download them but they expire after 3 months i thinkk then you have to re-download. Also you cant copy or print them if i recall. Protected PDF's
  8. Have you tried ringing round the local NSI and SSAIB companys? Thats would I would do.
  9. I had similar start to my career. Started as a sparks then moved into the alarm side for a company that only did alarms (within the security industry anyway) I think the biggest thing IMHO would be to show confidence when talking about your work. Don't pretend like you know everything. You won't. But be confident in what you do know. I have only installed about 10 different panels in the last 15 years but have worked on dozens and I honestly think that because I know the terminology and the 'language' of the industry, things like FSL, EOL, ATS ratings, etc etc. (again not everything but feel like I know enough) that you could put me in front of any intruder panel with a manual and I would be able to get it up and running. Its just about knowing where the menus are for what you allready know you need to program. Of course anyone can blag it as such in an interview but to be honest I think the manufacturers training only goes so far anyway. Experience (again only in my opinion) counts for way more. I would say have a good think about the last year and the installs you have done. Are you happy with how they have been done? Have you had any callbacks on them that you can put down to your work? I would say if you are proud and confident in the work you have done over say the last year then thats a pretty good indicator to yourself of your abilities.
  10. Been bugging me for a while but anyone know how to get the red things green. The problems that are making them red are due to cameras that don't exist. The bottom one is from an NVR today only 8 cameras on the install but cameras 9-16 are causing them to go red. Had a look through the settings couldn't work out how to tell the unit they don't exist. Pretty sure it's something so simple but for the life of me can't figure it out.
  11. Wyatthaplo


    From various things
  12. Completely agree with the above. Those who always try and squeeze every penny off a quote can be a nightmare.
  13. I went this year for the first time. Drove from Manchester £20 parking was no problem. Boss wanted to drive to Amersham then tube straight through central London during rush hour! Was fine driving and as there were 2 of us economical as well. Only did one day and in all honesty it was enough really. Was excited before but felt it wasn't really worth it. I would have liked to have done a second day but only to go to H&S part which I am quite interested in. One day was enough for the security IMHO. At the SSAIB regional meeting they asked what people thoughts were on it and the fact it was in London was the major reason people don't go. It was also said how that manufacturers are pretty good at keeping people up to date with products so there also less inclination to go on that front.
  14. Don't see why not as long as it detects the opening sufficiently and is tampered and all the rest of it. Done it a few times before. Sometimes you just can't get a roller shutter on suitably.
  15. I think i have had them work before. Think it just doesn't work the other way around.
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