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  1. Waiting for costs from adi at moment, it's only 2 cameras one fixed one tilt only on pole, no dvr as for observation purposes so looking at 1 fixed camera on pole 1 ptz on pole telemetry control with joystick
  2. hello James Have you details of the unit, otherwise they will have to upgrade the whole system Thanks
  3. Spoke to the guys in wales and confirmed a motorised analog camera can work on the relay outputs of the telemetry control. however we use adi for parts and they cannot supply a camera that has a motorised zoom lense and is analog as all coming up as discontinued
  4. Ok thanks spoke to Williams they can still get parts for this system so all ok
  5. i have a site were a camera has gone down , its on a t228d receiver using the zoom function to the camera. as Molynx are no longer around is there a camera that would work with this system the existing one someone has made themselves a camera which has failed , i thought at first it was an very old camera and housing for the camera looked like something from the eighties, but on opening up found to have bespoke i assume as no camera could run on this old system
  6. Just got a few blown bulbs on some cameras, just seeing where the best place to source them would be
  7. Probably at the end of banger run abouts , mainly enthuatics running them now. Parts can be expensive as well as not being made or properly supported for 11 years. I still see a lot them on roads down my way though
  8. It's an 75 I used to have , I've got a zt at the moment though plus a zr van
  9. Just seeing if anyone's intreasted in installing one in a house to cover entrance and inside house. A friend of mines after it, I do not do cctv so will pass on details Should say Mitcham Thanks
  10. sorry should have said mainly around london/south east
  11. We are currently looking for a engineer with the above experience able to check emergency lights , either on the cards or sub contract PM if intrested
  12. totally unregulated , best to take on board an experienced engineer as like any trade its down to what u know
  13. It's an early morley panel probably 1990s do not de power it bet the battery will not last
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