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  1. WDT

    Hi All

    Welcome to TSI.
  2. I will try that, I have been drinking loads of water, I even refused a beer last night, But that made my wife look after me, now she knows i am really ill lol
  3. I am not, unless you think its good for man flu, Today is going to be a long day, but if you have something you can "blag" me to make me better that will be great. Can you deliver it as well.
  4. glad happy land gets the same emails. I was worried.
  5. Is the email like this, If so yes Hi, My client Ashokumar is looking for Security and Alarms Installers in your area, and I wondered if you were available to help? I’m contacting local professionals on their behalf to try and find someone to help them. It’s free for you to contact your first client with Bark, and we’ll give you access to their phone number as soon as you send your first message.
  6. Who is on drugs. I hear they a bad for you and the boys in blue get upset if you are found to have them lol
  7. One thing you might be missing out on is the pro panels they have the option to divide in to areas so say area "A" main house and area "b" flat. this can then be set on most so when setting the main house there is no tones from the keypad in the flat and the same the other way. You can also have it so the code for area "B" does not work for area "A"
  8. I see the black wire is fitted very well, why use all the strands when you can leave some out to be fair i would only be happy with the yellow wire connection. Maybe i have some OCD issues. This is wired EOL.
  9. Did you LOCK the engineer code so it could not be defaulted? Most panels this can be done
  10. WDT


    That was a low blow lol
  11. WDT


    This is true, Theres more chance getting jobs in domestic then a commercial when not approved was more my point I would think the owner of a big shop or warehouse is not likly to want an app? but S.W.A.T and k9 unit to be called. Is what i was getting at.
  12. WDT


    The only issue for getting a URN for police response is you have to be SSAIB or NSI and that takes time before you can get to that point. If you get a monitoring station to work with you this will only allow keyholder response. This will start to build a record for you to then apply for SSAIB. So in this day and age you have to start of by house bashing then work towards getting approved, I agree app notification is unreliable but most the jobs i am getting, the bigger boys and girls would not want to take on but gets small companys the customer base to the get checked and approved.
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