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  1. Its official function is to clear the comms buffer but how it actually achieves that I don't know. It's probably just a glitch since you are doing it in anger but it can work from time to time
  2. Yeah, it spams the processor and can clear random stuck in the background faults. Has a low success rate but worth trying before powering down a panel
  3. You need to make sure the ComIP has outbound access to the receiver and your Montex receiver has inbound access on port 10001, make sure coms is started in setup on Montex In Program Digi your Primary No. should be the receiver IP address in this format xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/10001
  4. The LED's have been changed now Its a good unit, just follow the instructions and you'll be fine
  5. LOL I can only imagine his managers response when he reads that docket
  6. Its a good idea tbh, cat5 seems to work better with IDC than screw terminals, lol at £5.50 though
  7. I know your pain, I had to extend 18 6 cores on a panel change yesterday
  8. reidy

    Rofl Lol!

    Saw this earlier lol
  9. Cat5 is fantastic when installed properly
  10. reidy

    Not So Good Mains

    Customer probably did that themselves
  11. That works well but I expect kids would just keep pulling til something breaks If its got something more physical visible they probably won't bother, I would stick it in an IP box with a gland, might look **** but will be quite well protected
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