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  1. Challenger 5

    I think its a stripped back version of the C+K Active 5 , sold through Wickes in the 1990's. Try user code 1234.
  2. Alarm panel identification

    Looks like a rebadged FVE Commander...Forward View Electronics. Not worth keeping. Regards.
  3. Help With Paragon Plus

    Look in the Installation manual in the Programming section under " resetting the non volatile memory (NVM) back to factory settings"
  4. Cef Ap28

    First remove the strobe trigger wire at the alarm panel , this will show whether it is the panel triggering the strobe or faulty wiring , or finally the bellbox itself.
  5. Cs Bellbox?

    I second that .. its a Flashguard.
  6. You can get 4 inch mylar 16ohms from CPC then just get a grill and paint to your desired colour.Also consider the room above when flush mounting..bit of a pain if its a kiddies bedroom.Take a look at the Lyntek Logo range , available as a 16ohm I believe , looks like a smoke detector.
  7. Texecom Bell Box

    Make sure you havent inverted the bell output by mistake (options 01 , 6 )
  8. Most probably the RKP tamper , they are a bit tricky to get right .Look in the log , it should be displayed there.
  9. Concept 6 Alarm Moving Rkp

    The Concept requires 12 core to the rkp...the o/p has a Concept 6 , only a 6 core to the rkp , and it does have nvm.
  10. Have a look in the log.
  11. Which Panel?

    ADK in Bolton , its a shop...and you can phone them.They advertise the MDT panels. http://www.adksecurityltd.com/ Seem to remember that they are designed by ex ADE staff.
  12. Gardtec 360 / 370

    The 360 and the 370 were completely different panels. Are you sure you are resetting it properly?. You could link out the bell tamper at the panel , if it clears then the fault is at your repair or the bell box.
  13. Fuse

    You could try Maplin
  14. External Sounder Wiring

    Its in the manual that comes with the sounder , and also in most of the Texecom Alarm Installation manuals.