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  1. Texecom Comwifi

  2. FIRE ALARM advice needed

    I was highlighting the cost of private dentistry....
  3. Vans

    Lol, that’s right! the only one that is surprising is merc borrowing a Renault engine! Vivaro traffic primastar do have gearboxes supplies by Thornton’s apparently..... I’ve had 3 and never had an issue, they do get bad clutch judder sometimes when pulling away and that’s from brand new!
  4. FIRE ALARM advice needed

    More like 8.... around the £500 private
  5. FIRE ALARM advice needed

    QFA, if it’s in the lease... for what you have counted up, 4K sounds a stretch to be honest, unless there’s more parts above ect like others have suggested
  6. Hello all

    Hi John, welcome to TSI
  7. Hello all from an engineer from the 70s

    Hi Ultra welcome to the forum, bet the 70’s were cool, I’ve seen it in films and on telly.... ;-)
  8. Hi

    Hi Grant, welcome to TSI
  9. Old Garage Alarm

    Ha ha, nice to have something like that though, something that is properly designed and not just a one fits all type install
  10. Old Garage Alarm

    Result! sounds like the old man did a proper job with it.
  11. Old Garage Alarm

    Nice work Gaz, would have been a few bob to get someone in. I had 3 heating engineers look at my Baxi it was only 5 years old but was working intermittently , one didn’t want to do it, one didn’t know what was wrong and the last wanted to replace the pcb. i had a little look about and found the fan pressure switch was so high res it was taking 240 in and about 160 out, got the part and swapped it (£20) and was perfect after. I wonder how they make their money?
  12. Hello

    Yeah zinger tower rules! just don’t look in the kitchen :-( One had people handling raw chicken with no gloves whilst handling cooked at the same time, obviously the end result was loads of people complaining they had the banana splits. Welcome KWCFC
  13. AB1950

    Nice link. is this suggesting LL fit CO detectors straight away in their properties? i still see lots with no CO detection
  14. Old Garage Alarm

    In my opinion Alex due to the age of system ect it is nearly always more cost effective to replace all the bits with the exception of the wiring if that all tests out ok. I myself like the idea of the house and garage under one system, it means more flexibility and you will likely still pay the one maintenance charge per year. best of luck with it.