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  1. Texecom Ricochet

    No. may I ask why no door contact?
  2. Texecom Ricochet

    Lol, no worries mate
  3. Texecom Ricochet

    I’ve never tried it mate to be honest, I doubt they would make it to the annnual service. the E/E a door cont? if so they are “always awake” anyway or should be. you may need to delete and then enroll and mesh if that’s the case. Does it walk test out ok?
  4. Texecom Ricochet

    You mean “always awake”? depletes battery life is the only problem. are you giving the PIR,s time after you set the system?
  5. Rename this forum?

    Yeah that sounds good.
  6. Galaxy GX push notifications

    It’s certainly a port forward issue, do you access to a diffrent router you could try? its not a HH3 is it?
  7. Smartcom

    It will do, it just hasn’t been selected, in the options we referred to earlier...
  8. Smartcom

    Sorry, to clarify you are getting pop ups for Set/Unset engineer Access. but if you create an intruder Alarm event you get nothing? after doing this and you unset/reset the system do you then get the unset message?
  9. Galaxy GX push notifications

    My beef was with the IT guy not the router, but I did follow the defaulting instructions and had all the right lights flashing, it came up as the default router code, then changed to what it was originally programmed as, along with the password nobody knows!
  10. Smartcom

    As above ^^ its in “UDL options”, “program Digi” under “Reports” you select and de-select the reporting types from there
  11. Galaxy GX push notifications

    I had one of those last month, The IT guy changed the ******* password and forgot it! tried to crash it but it restored itself each time. It loaded up as default but then reverted straight away, I ****** it off in the end and told them to get the IT guy back to sort it
  12. Galaxy GX push notifications

    I’ve found BT routers extremely difficult sometimes, you have applied the settings and reset the router?
  13. Galaxy GX push notifications

  14. Help guys

    All electrical connection are tight? plasterboard/drilling anywhere near the panel? Power been switched off for a period of time?