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  1. lloydh

    Hello all

    Biscuits, cookies, cake, bacon rolls. As long as i'm getting fed I'll stay in the darkside.
  2. lloydh

    Intruder training

    Agree on time spent with experienced engineers is best way forward. I've been doing alarms for years and I'm still learning new stuff. Theres no apprenticeship scheme here for alarms. (Guernsey) but my thoughts are that the way things are going these days, an official qualification is a good thing for us as a company, our employees and our customers. Otherwise i know at some point i know i will run into: "ah you have a new employee, what training do they have?" Me "i trained him" "Who trained you?" Me "this old guy, he was super clever but hes now retired" Etc etc
  3. lloydh

    Hello all

    Do you have cookies?
  4. Hi, We have recently taken on a new member of staff to train in Fire & Security. And i was wondering if any of you had experience with this https://www.tavcom.com/training-courses/intruder-alarms/practical-intruder-alarms/ course? Good bad? Any others i should look at? i was trained on the job by my previous employer along with manufacturer training and a BS5839 course for fire alarm. But i would like to give our newbie actual qualifications as i think it would benifit us both. Oh and before anyone points it out, i am not expecting to send a guy with no experience on a course for a week and then kick him straight out to jobs on his return by himself. I fully understand that the knowledge and ability needed for working on intruder systems involves a lot of hands on experience. We don't do much domestic. Its mainly offices and warehouses any training advice welcome. Cheers.
  5. lloydh

    Hello all

    Hahah Good work. One simple post starts an argument. I like it.
  6. lloydh

    Hello all

    Lurked for a while on this site, thought I should actually post. 7 years of doing alarm work after getting fed up working on cars. Mainly do fire alarms (Mostly Kentec and ADT) and door access (Salto and Entro) and a bit of Intruder. Worked for one of the larger firms on Guernsey for 5 years then left to work for a small firm leading a team of three. That's about as exiting as it gets. will be after info on Menvier intruder alarms as we have taken over a few sites with them and I'm not as familiar with them as I am with Galaxy.

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